Posted on July 19, 2016

Automatic watering in garden

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  1. Setting up an automatic watering system frees up precious time while keeping your garden healthy..

  2. They deposit water directly in the soil, which means there is less chance of evaporation and you actually use less water.  The water is also lesslikely to lay on the ground or leaves causing mold and mildew to collect on the ground near your plants..

  3. Your garden is a place to relax and feel good. To ensure that your plants and your lawn stay green and healthy, the right watering is essential.GARDENA offers you great solutions for the areas of watering, water transportation, water pumps and automatic watering. There are efficient wateringsolutions for almost every kind of garden..

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  1. Stackable self watering planters let you grow several herbs in a small space..

  2. What's in the BoxDistribution system, 20 drippers, 33-foot circuit hose, and 20 fixing stakes..

  3. Having an automatic plant watering system is one of those gadgets that helps make daily life just a little bit easier..

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  1. The hanging baskets from Master are 12 inches across and 5 /12 inches deep which is a good size to allow for a healthy root system.  Thewater reservoir is located in the bottom of the pot and can hold up to 3 cups of water.  There is a hole in the side of the pot to allow for easywatering.  The reservoir system allows the plants to draw up water from their roots as they need it, ensuring a healthy and happy plant..

  2. Control your garden watering from anywhere in the world with the new Cloud controller or let the new Sensor controllers take care of all theprogramming for you..

  3. There are several different types of indoor plant watering systems. Depending on the level of automation needed, you may use a plant watering globe,an indoor drip system or self-watering container..