Posted on July 5, 2016

Automatic watering indoor

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  1. The Oasis Plant Watering System is a great example of this type of drip system.  It is completely independent from your faucet since it has a waterreservoir that can hold up to 6.6 gallons.  You can adjust the number of days, by simply turning a dial for up to 40 days and it can water up to 20plants..

  2. FIG. 12 is a flow chart of the electronic control..

  3. It's available in white or green -- but I only found the white on Amazon. More information here. (0, on Amazon)..

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  1. A battery holder 200, designed to hold two batteries, is provided with contacts 202 for the batteries and spring clips 204 to hold the batteries inthe holder. The holder 200, in position, rests on shoulder 132..

  2. I've spent this article talking about inside planters, but hey, maybe you want one that goes inside and out: The long tapered cube Cottage PlanterFrom Plow & Hearth is conveniently suitable for both..

  3. Of course, if this is too much work, this soda bottle method also works, and if you want to get high tech, you could build this arduino based system.Either way, hit the link below to see how this one's done..

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  1. FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the novel watering system of the present invention..

  2. A cap 160 comprised of a circular rim 162 with atangential extension 164 is sized to fit closely over the skirt 156 and extension 158 to form a seal therebetween. The bottom of cap 160 is providedwith holes 166 to allow liquid to enter the space between skirt 156 and cap 160..

  3. A variety of self-watering pots and systems are known, for watering plants at intervals, but most are only suitable for watering plants that areessentially kept outdoors on patios and porches. Very few systems have been advanced for regular in home use. This is partly due to the fact that nosystem or structure has been advanced which can effectively and inexpensively effect watering of plants, particularly house plants. Such prior systemsand structures that have been proposed are either too cumbersome, and therefore, not attractive to a user, are too complicated and therefore, tooexpensive, or too difficult for the home owner to repair. Also, such systems are not easily maintained..