Posted on July 9, 2016

automatic garden watering timers

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  1. More Information on Electronic Leaf Control Box With Leaf..

  2. Drip irrigation Start Set for Plant Rows with Water Computer..

  3. We sell a wide range of automatic watering solutions suitable for a number of watering tasks. Automatic watering takes the chore out of watering yourgarden or patio, giving you more time to enjoy your beloved garden. It is also the ideal for watering your plants whilst you are away..

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  1. More Information on Gardena Deluxe Computer C1060 Plus..

  2. Self watering planters and pots are a must have in the container herb garden. These planters come in multiple colors and sizes to allow for almost anydesign style. You can find some great deals like these light weight self watering containers from Master which are available in a moneysaving two pack.  A good self-watering pot should have a reservoir deep enough to store at least several days of water and allow for an easy access torefill as needed..

  3. Take the hard work out of watering with our space saving water butts. Waterbutts are a great alternative to hosepipes and help to reduce waterwastage. Not only do our waterbutts make a great addition to your garden, greenhouse or other growing spaces, they are also light weight and durable..

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  1. Having a potted herb garden is a great way to add color and flexibility to your garden.  However, potted herbs dry out much faster than herbs plantedin the ground, so under watering is very common especially in the hotter months.  Self watering window boxes and planters are usually larger thantheir smaller container cousins, and can therefore hide some of the mechanics that make them work..

  2. One of the more successful and attractive indoor systems is a water spike. There are several different manufacturers of this device, which gives you achoice of styles and appearance, as well as cost..

  3. If you are planning a vacation, this is exactly the type of system that will keep your plants healthy & watered.  You won’t need to hire ahouse sitter or beg a friend to come in and water your plants while you are away.   The Oasis is a  unique type of automatic watering solution perfectfor those who frequently travel, need to go out of town or are just plain forgetful..