Posted on July 8, 2016

automatic watering hose

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  1. Although it might seem like a luxury item, a timer will turn your system from good to great. Choose a programmable timer that allows for severalshorter cycles per day. With soaker hose, it often helps to use a technique called "pulse watering," especially if you have heavy soil that doesn'tdrain well. Instead of running the soaker for one long cycle, you break it into four shorter soak cycles, following each soak by a pause. This allowswater to soak into the soil and prevents waste. For instance, you set the timer to soak for 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute pause. You repeat theprocess three more times. Adjust the length of soak and pause as needed, depending on your soil and rainfall..

  2. One strategy to keep in mind when using this type of watering system is that there is no way for the dirt in the pot itself to regulate the waterflow, as it does with most self watering pots. The timer on the water source turns on, and drips water into the pot for X amount of time, then turnsoff. If your herbs do not require much water, you run the chance of over watering them. Or perhaps even flooding your garden area..

  3. As we have already discussed, water timers automate the watering system completely. They save you time and make sure your plants are regularlywatered, even when you're away on holiday or a business trip..

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  1. Hozelock's programmable water timers can be directly screwed onto an outside tap. No tricky electrical wiring is required as they are battery powered.Batteries typically last an entire watering season. Programming is easy, and there's a manual override for other watering tasks..

  2. We have a great team of specialists on hand to help in any way you need.We can help you with planning your garden watering systems, offerrecommendations for specific watering requirements, and can provide more technical detail for any of the products listed on our website, so please doget in touch with one of our friendly staff to discuss your needs..

  3. This kit includes everything you need to set up four 25' rows — 100' of 1/2" soaker hose, 25' of 1/2" garden hose plus all couplers andfittings. Installs in minutes. Simply turn on the water any time your plants need a drink..

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  1. There are several different types of indoor plant watering systems. Depending on the level of automation needed, you may use a plant watering globe,an indoor drip system or self-watering container..

  2. Watch your indoor drip systems carefully to prevent over-watering..

  3. By the way, if you run your sprinklers for the correct number of minutes but water pools or runs off your lawn, then you need to split your wateringtime into two or more sessions. Wait an hour between sessions for the water to soak in..