Posted on August 1, 2016

Automatic watering indoor plants

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  1. The system comes with a series of quality tubes and joints that we have gone through thorough testing and validation in terms of water leakage andendurance due to extreme weather. It consists of 4mm UV protected tubes to deliver water to plants regardless of heights. 4mm tube can easilysupport up to 30 plants. Besides, we also specialize in flower bed watering by having micro sprinkler series that could cover 2 meters indiameter of your flower bed. We do design various packages of D.I.Y sets to cater your needs from basic system that suitable forapartment/condominium to a more complex set which cater for Terrace/SemiD/Bungalow. All the D.I.Y sets are easy to be installed without theneed to have special tools. Easy-To-Setup is our goal. Apart from that, we do provide custom design for farms, factories, resorts & parks andother commercial needs..

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  3. A small plastic tube goes from the spike to the nearby reservoir, and when the soil around the spike gets dry, it automatically draws water throughthe ceramic into the soil. Yes, this does involve a reservoir, but some of the containers are quite attractive.  The Plant Nanny Automatic Watererfrom Master is a good example of a plant watering spike..

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  1. If you have plants at home, but has to leave home for some weeks; you can use this product to make sure that your plants are well-taken cared of..

  2. Server Density don’t currently have a packaged agent for the Raspberry Pi but as it’s Python, you can easily clone the source fromGithub or download it from Server Density. ..

  3. Make sure the plant is thoroughly watered and then allowed to dry out a bit before it iswatered again. Water well, but not often..

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  1. Use Hose Couplers to connect sections of Garden Hose to sections of Soaker Hose..

  2. As long as your tubing stays unclogged and full of water, and the tubes are connected to each pot plate, the bottle will only drain as much as theplants in each connected pot plate can absorb. The system is completely self-regulating, and requires no motors, power, or human intervention. If youhave a lot of plants, you can do the same thing with a single large tray where the bottle rests in the same tray with the plants. You do have to becareful of the type of soil you use with your plants—if the plants you have don't take well to constantly-moist soil, they won't like this solution..

  3. Self watering planters are perfect for combining groups of herbs and storing them on your patio or deck for easy access to the kitchen.  They are alsonice and deep which means you can combine more plants in a single planter..