Posted on July 27, 2016

Automatic greenhouse watering systems

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  1. Ground Runner BoomThe solution to outdoor watering, the ground boom is ideal when an overhead structure is not present formounting the boom. Mounted on rails set in the ground, the ground boom is the perfect solution for uniform watering of outdoor product..

  2. Rough Brothers greenhouse Irrigation system offer uniformity and flexibility in irrigation, while reducing water and labor costs. Available withmultiple nozzles, allowing watering and misting options, irrigation booms are adaptable to any crop. Depending on the boom selected, multiple zonescan be irrigated with one boom, allowing the grower to effectively grow multiple crops in one house. All booms can be controlled independently orthrough computerized controls..

  3. To make the most of your greenhouse, install a greenhouse watering systems that has been specifically designed to deliver water to your plantsconsistently..

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  1. The biggest key to proper watering is to water thoroughly. The best way to accomplish this is to give your plants a quick drink, allow the water tosoak in a bit, and then repeat with a more thorough watering. Water should just begin to flow out of the bottom of the container, indicating that ithas reached all of the roots. Irregular watering (allowing the plants to dry out too much or flooding them) can cause many plant disorders and causepoor fruit production. If you suspect that this is the culprit to a particular problem in your greenhouse, remove any dead or deformed growth andbegin a proper watering regimen. The plants should recover in most cases..

  2. An inexpensive way to do this is to use a proportioner that can be added between the faucet and a hose..

  3. All our waterbutts work perfectly with our Click & Drip irrigation Kits or you can simply attach it to your currently irrigation kit..

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  1. Manual watering also provides you an opportunity to evaluate the condition of the plant when you go about watering..

  2. Although not automatic, capillary mats are very efficient way of watering plants. Mats are made of thick cotton/polyester fabric that is highlyabsorbing. If you are using a water reservoir to replenish water in your mats, make sure that it is hanging about four inches below the soil level,otherwise the water will flow constantly, over-watering the mat and your plants..

  3. Installing a greenhouse watering system, either on gravity from the water butt or direct from your garden tap will reduce the amount of time you spendwatering. With the addition of one of the Orbit or Darlac Timers the watering system can be fully automatic, ideal when you are on holidays or justvery busy..