Posted on July 28, 2016

Automatic greenhouse watering system and monitoring

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  1. Combine the controllers with the new collection of Easy Drip components to create a system that can be easily adapted to any outdoor space. The EasyDrip collection can be quickly installed in under 15 minutes and can be adjusted to water any size plant..

  2. You can relieve some of the hard work and attention you haveto give to monitoring and changing the ventilation by having automaticventilationinstalled..

  3. 6044Electric Water Valve Assembly (W6044)Qty.5.95Reliable flow controlSet up your misting or watering system for automatic control and monitoring with this ready-to-useassembly. Easily connects to your 1/2" PVC pipe or hose with adapters included. Features include brass solenoid valve with stainless steel plunger.Ideal for misting control because, unlike diaphragm valves, this snap-action design quickly shuts off water flow. 24-volt solenoid coil hastransformer, ready to plug into your 120-volt timer or humidistat. Built-in pressure gauge is handy for monitoring correct system pressure. Removablefine mesh filter protects valve and your entire system. Manual brass shutoff valve allows backup control and filter cleaning. Flow rate up to 4.2gallons per minute.Optimum water pressure is 75 psi but will work as low as 40 psi and as high as 110 psi..

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  1. Hozelock’s range of Automatic Watering products delivers an effective way automatically watering your garden saving you time, water and effort..

  2. Unless you are growing xeriscape plants, your greenhouse denizens need water. Greenhouse watering systems may be sophisticated in-ground plumbedconstructions or just a simple hose and some sprayers. Hauling water into the structure and hand watering is as easy as it gets but can be tiring..

  3. Manual watering also provides you an opportunity to evaluate the condition of the plant when you go about watering..

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  1. There are several methods and ways to water plants. Generally they fall into the following categories: hand watering, sprinklers and mini-sprinklers,booms, sub-irrigation and drip. There are both closed and open systems..

  2. The developed irrigation automation system can be used in several commercial agricultural productions since it is available in low cost and providereliable operation. Using sensor-based site-Specific irrigation has some advantages such as preventing moisture stress of trees, diminishing ofexcessive water usage, ensuring of rapid growing weeds and derogating salinization, save water from wastage. If different kinds of sensors (that is,temperature, humidity, and moisture etc.) are involved in irrigation, it may be possible that an internet based remote control of irrigationautomation will be possible. The developed system also transfers fertilizer and the other agricultural chemicals (calcium, sodium, ammonium, zinc) tothe field by adding new sensors and valves. Thus it is very essential to have an automated drip system for higher productivity and effectiveutilization of water for surplus production..

  3. To improvewinter vegetable production (Perez-Parra etal., 2000), the greenhouse equipped with a heating systems proposedin this paper is necessary.Besides, for low-technology greenhouses withoutautomatic thermal control system, earlier researches (Baileyand Chalabi, 1994; Lopez et al.,2002) neededto assess an optimal heating strategy in advance. Furthermore, various methodologiesof heating and cooling techniques usingcooling fans and solar equipment havebeen addressed (Roberts et al., 1976; Papadakiset al., 1992; Pardossi et al., 2004)..