Posted on July 12, 2016

Automatic watering hydroponic

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  1. Plants grown in these type of systems may reduce up to 3 weeks (or even more) the period of growth than plants grown in soil. This fact is based onthe non-existence of the substrate. There is no resistance for the roots to develop so they can grow and expand as long as they are fed with agood  fertiliser in the right amounts..

  2. Large Tank with Electronic Timer and Four Different Watering ProgramsThe distribution tank has a capacity of 6.6 gallons and features four convenientwatering programs: 10, 20, 30, and 40 days. Each program is designed to deliver a perfectly calibrated amount of water to as many as 20 plants, so youcan stop worrying about over- or under-watering. And with a built-in electronic timer and water-saving bi-stable solenoid valve, this unique wateringsystem guarantees efficient delivery of water each and every time you use it..

  3. Between the different hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems we can find clear differences among the used substrates, although they areall inert. We will have to keep in mind all these differences when setting up our growroom. The fertilisation or fertirrigation inhydroponic systems will vary depending on the chosen system. Then, how to know what is the best way to fertilise our plants according to each system?..

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  1. Once the perlite has been washed you can start to fill the pots,one bag does roughly 4 pots however you still need a little more just to topthemoff. If you've got the 30liter pots you will definitely need the3rd bag of perlite..

  2. Set the pot up so the perlite can drain as shown below..

  3. Browse Alphabetically: Global Expo | Onetouch | Showroom | Country Search | Manufacturers | Suppliers | Promotion | Wholesaler | Affiliate..

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  1. Open the perlite bag (I undo thestitching so I can reuse the bag later to throw out the perlite) and justpour it into the bath tub. Using a pieceof 13mm hose just hose it as itpours in to help keep the dust down. A dusk mask should always be worn when handling perlite. Continue to fill thetub with water and really wash it thoroughly so all thefine dust will settle to the bottom and the perlite will float on top.Washingthe perlite isvery important if this is not done properly then you will have trouble with the water draining back thereservoir, as the fine dust is like silt andwill clog just aboutanything. As you can see there's quite a bit of dust and this is justfrom 1 bag of perlite..

  2. The flow from a drip irrigation system will require timers to regulate it and allow the growing medium time to breathe between flows. Normally timersare set to come on 2 – 4 times daily..

  3. Truss or Tower BoomTraveling the length of the house, the truss or tower boom is available either as one bar spanning the widthof the house or as two bars split at the aisle. The truss boom offers more flexibility in irrigation and is typically used by growers of high levelsof automation as the truss or tower boom options allow performance of multiple functions..