Posted on July 30, 2016

automatic watering for greenhouse

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  1. Take the hard work out of watering with our space saving water butts. Waterbutts are a great alternative to hosepipes and help to reduce waterwastage. Not only do our waterbutts make a great addition to your garden, greenhouse or other growing spaces, they are also light weight and durable..

  2. Our drip irrigation kits are easy to extend with our Easy fit connectors and additional lengths of irrigation and non-drip pipe. If you’reunsure of how much irrigation or non-drip pipe you need to water your raised beds, pots or veg plot, then give one of our lovely Greenhouse SensationGardening Angels a call on 0845 602 3774..

  3. When we built our DIY Greenhouse, we anticipated many hours and days of pleasure, enjoying in planting, seeding and harvesting our favorite plants andvegetables. Like most, we underestimated how much work it takes to keep plants alive and thriving. Just watering the plants during the warmer monthscan take hours, as most plants need to be watered twice a day. Not too many people can afford to devote that much time to their greenhouse.Fortunately, there are all sorts of timesaving devices available to a DIYer. One of the most important and most valued of those is an automaticwatering system..

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  1. More modern automatic systems use water sensors, which detect how dry the soil is and whether the plants need more water or not. They can even beprogrammed to sense the needs of each individual plant they are connected to. This is not as complicated or expensive as you might think, but the factis that there is a computer involved in the system, while extremely efficient and effective, requires some degree of technical knowledge..

  2. The slow drip irrigation rate of the Click & Drip gives the soil chance to absorb the water rather than it forming puddles and evaporating orrunning off. Our Click & Drip watering kits can be used with or without a Water timer. If you have any questions call us on 0845 602 3774 or

  3. Drip irrigation Start Set for Plant Rows with Water Computer..

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  1. Some people prefer to monitor each plant as it grows, and the best time to do it is during daily watering chores. That is the time to check plants foraphids, common greenhouse pests, or any other plant problems. But, experience shows that good watering system may improve your plant’s growth by up to70% as they will routinely receive their “life blood”..

  2. Hozelock’s range of Automatic Watering products delivers an effective way automatically watering your garden saving you time, water and effort..

  3. Capillary Matting is a system that is based on the principle of osmosis – special mats, placed below pots and trays are soaked in water. Soil absorbsthe water by osmosis, delivering it to plant roots. Mats can be kept wet or by hand, or can be connected to a container attached to the bench orgreenhouse wall..