Posted on July 16, 2016

automatic watering flower pots

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  1. Oh poor, poor potted plant. Some days we drown you, on others your soil is riddled with cracks like the Sahara Desert.until that sad day when lifedeparts your roots and your crispy leaves fall on the windowsill..

  2. Orchids have a reputation for being very sensitive, but I have around 14 healthy ones, and have found as long as you keep in mind that they absolutelyhate standing in water, and must have a drainage system, they are actually quite hardy, and don't need much water. The Eva Solo Orchid Pot isspecifically geared towards orchids, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for other house plants..

  3. Two transparent acryl test tubes A,B having respectively the height of 50 cm were provided, with the opposite tips thereof being open, and with theinside diameter of the test tube A being 1 cm throughout the total length. The inside diameter of the test tube B was 5 cm up to the height of 10 cm,and was 1 cm from that point to the height of 40 cm. These two tubes were made uprightly stood within a supporting container having a bottom diameterof 30 cm, and the test tubes were filled with fine dry sand to the full, water being filled in the supporting container up to the height of 5 cm. Thiswas left a couple of days, and it could be observed that the sand locating above the water level could be discriminated into a dry upper layer and awet lower layer, in such a manner that the wet sand layer of the test tube B having the larger lower inside diameter had a larger height than that ofthe test tube A having the uniform inside diameter..

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  1. FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the assembled device of the present invention..

  2. But this is the first one you don't need to hide behind the over grown banana tree..

  3. The above object and other advantages of the present invention will become more apparent by describing the preferred embodiment of the presentinvention in more detail with reference to the attached drawings in which:..

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  1. FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of the device according to the present invention; and..

  2. No problem: Leave your plants in the care of this sleek rectangular system, the 15.75-inch long by 5.75-inch wide BrookstoneSelf-Watering Planter, available in eight colors..

  3. A water supply control tube7 having an absorption tube portion 10 with a large bore 12 in which a major absorption member 14 is to be inserted is hung on the annular step 5, insuch a manner that the upper pot 2 and the lower pot 3 could be separated each other. A rod 17 is inserted downwardly into the central hole of acylindrical closure 16 which covers the filling hole 6 of the lower pot 3, and which is removably inserted into the lower pot 3..