Posted on August 2, 2016

automatic watering for rabbits

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  1. After that its as simple as hooking the spring on the cage and pulling it tight to hook it on the wire!..

  2. As for the toilet tank valve, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the bucket to pass the threaded end of the fill valve through.Then, at the hardwarestore I picked up a hose that is the proper thread for the fill valve on one end and female pipe thread on the other.Then a brass male pipe tohosepipe adapter and I just screw the hosepipe to it.If it's not clear to you, I can take some more detailed photos of the assembly..

  3. Rabbitshave been domesticated since the sixth century, when they were kept forfood and fur. They have also beenselectivelybred over the years for varieties in the fur and are also apopular pet. After mice and rats, they are the most common laboratory animal. As many as 76 different breeds of rabbit are recognized by the BritishRabbit Council but the New Zealand White (NZW),bred in the 1920s hasbecome the one most commonly used in research. Historically, they havebeen mostused for antibody development and as testingsentinels for a wide arrayof products. ..

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  1. Maintaining a sanitary operation will help you prevent disease. The best waste management systems have porous pits under the cages with layers ofsand, gravel, and drainage tile. Earth and concrete floors are acceptable but require more frequent cleaning. You should have concrete walkwaysbetween the cages and should remove accumulated manure at least twice a year. Cages and nest boxes should be cleaned and sanitized after each use, andthe hair should be burned off the cages. New additions to the herd, especially those purchased from a wholesale market, and any sick animals should bekept in separate cages isolated from the rest of the herd until any diseases are determined or until the animal is well..

  2. A: Installation is easy. Check out our installation overview.Download our Automated Watering Systems forSmall Animals & Birds Catalog..

  3. A more effective solution is to limit NH3 production from fermenting floor litter (droppings and urine) byremoving the litter quickly or keeping it dry. The maximum permissible NH3 content in the air rabbits breathe is 5 ppm..

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  1. They will attempt to spring with their forceful hind legs: whencarrying a rabbit, as well as when removing and returning them tothe cagethey need to be carefully lifted and supported both around the chest andunder the hindquarters. When removing them from theircage it is criticalto be sure they are supported fully before removing; when returning, doso back first. Without trained and carefulhandling, back injury can occureasily. The University of Minnesota’s ResearchAnimals Resources has a page on handling of specificspecies:scroll down to the rabbit for a diagram and text.         ..

  2. The rabbit nozzles come with springs for the cage and red T’s to split the hose for more nozzles. We have had no problems with having a singlenozzle for up to 10 rabbits in the same cage as the water is always available so they don’t overcrowd it all at once like they do when yourefill the water bottles..

  3. A: First determine the length of the cage rows. Flexible black tubing works well for cage rows up to 100feet long. The 3/16" Flex-Tubing is designed for a cage run up to 50 feet long, and the 5/16" Flex-Tubing is designed for a cage run up to 100 feetlong. The larger tube becomes necessary as the length of the cage rows increases to supply the proper amount of water pressure. All 5/16" systems alsorequire 3/16" tubing for the short lengths extending down from the Tee Barbed Fitting to the drinking valve. Important: When buying 3/16" or 5/16"Flex-Tubing, you must also buy the same size Fitting Barbed Tee, Tubing Stand-Off, Drain-Vent, and Shut-off Valve. For example, if you want 3/16"Flex-Tubing, then the items mentioned above must also be 3/16"..