Posted on July 10, 2016

Automatic watering for containers

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  1. If your state allows rainwater collection, then you can catch water from your air conditioner or rain runoff in a barrel. The barrel can contain asubmersible pump with flexible tubing to carry the captured water to your plant pots and hanging baskets..

  2. Here's a rundown of the components you'll find in our Snip-n-Drip systems and how they're used. You can also purchase these components separately tofurther customize a kit or create your own Snip-n-Drip system from scratch..

  3. The portion of pipe 190 which connects with stub 142 may have an internal diameter that is slightlylarger than the outer diameter of stub 142 or an outer diameter slightly smaller than the internal diameter of stub 142 to facilitate a good pressseal, while allowing pipe 190 to be rotated relative to stub 142 to be positioned as desired. Flange 196 acts as a stop..

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  1. Hozelock's innovative new AquaPod - a fully integrated automatic drip watering system for pots and containers..

  2. Drip pan 40 has internal ribs 48 of cruciform shape to hold the bottom 28 of pot 20 in slightly spaced relation. The ribs 48 extend along the innerbottom of pan 40 and up the sides of surrounding skirt 50..

  3. FIG. 12 is a flow chart of the electronic control..

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  1. – Wood to make the boxes (I used soft wood found in a skip; hard wood would be better if you can lay your hands on some)..

  2. If the programming mode has not been initiated, holding down the WATERkey 254 will initialize the controller 260 to activate the motor driver 270 to operate the motor-pump 280 to pump water for as long as WATER key 254is held down, for a manual watering cycle..

  3. And here it is in action. It was possible to leave this for weeks – all watered automatically. Unfortunately, not all the containers on thebalcony were rigged up to this system so we still needed to get friends round to water when we went away!..