Posted on July 4, 2016

automatic watering for bonsai

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  1. If you use an overly concentrated a stream of water, the bonsai soil is likely to be washed out of the pot. For small bonsai collections, a smallwatering-can fitted with a fine rose is sufficient to water the soil thoroughly without displacing the soil. Otherwise use a hose fitted with a spraygun set to mist, shower or any setting that will not disturb the soil..

  2. A special technique for Watering very Small Bonsai..

  3. The reason I say this is because you will have to dig a small depth trench to bury the PVC pipe from where it starts at the water source, to where itwill connect near the display benches..

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  1. They can break down, can be inconsistent in different zones,create too much water when it rains and they do get clogged up from time totime..

  2. The soil that your trees grow in has much influence on how frequently water is required and on how diligently you must water correctly. Organic soilscontaining peat or 'soil' are most likely to cause problems associated with overwatering; the soil is likely to retain too much water. Conversely itcan be much more difficult to water thoroughly, as water will tend to run off the dry surface leaving the interior of the rootball dry..

  3. And finally, the completed sprinkler head assembly attached to the display bench shelf ready for use..

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  1. Watering bonsai too much can be as big a problem as not enough.It’s important that plants are not over-watered. ..

  2. If an inorganic soil is used, the risk of overwatering is greatly reduced. Inorganic soils containing akadama, turface, seramis, grit etc are waterretentive enough to keep the soil moist for the duration of a hot summers day and also makes overwatering almost impossible..

  3. The truth is, watering is not as simple as it may sound.  And yes, it may take years to get it right. ..