Posted on July 17, 2016

automatic watering system instructions

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  1. Wire the valves to the timer following the instructions that come with your timer. Be sure to write down which timer "station" runs whichzone and keep these notes near your timer..

  2. Start assembling moving from one sprinkler location to the next. Don't connect the sprinkler until everything is assembled so that you can flush thesystem with water to clear out any dirt that got in the pipes..

  3. In the winter, depending on your location you may experience frozen lines. Klubertanz does offer parts to make a PVC water line, where you can addheat cables. I didn’t build this one because I rarely experience frozen lines in the south. I have an enclosed barn (that is NOT insulated) andmy lines only freeze completely if we go below 25 degrees for more than 3-4 hours. I usually experience about a week or two out of the year where Ihave frozen lines. Last summer (2008-2009) I don’t think we had any frozen lines at all. Heat cables can only be used with a PVC system. Since Ihave never built one I cannot offer assistance or instructions for it..

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  1. Rain Bird's Patio Plant Watering Kit helps to produce longer lasting blooms, greener leaves, and a healthier plant life. It eliminates watering byhand to make it easier for you to get your plants watered. It gives direct watering for up to 10 planters..

  2. A convenient way to get started with automatic watering..

  3. I won’t post prices because they do change often. Starting from the beginning I would expect for 10 rabbits or so you may spend about -90 toget going, but this is a huge time saver. Once you get your main parts, adding lines is pretty cheap..

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  1. Note: Using swing joints or EZ Pipe makes positioning sprinklers easier..

  2.  Rain Bird Easy to Install Automatic Sprinkler System Installation Manual..

  3. We've shown you a similar method in the past, but it wasn't effective for multiple plants unless you buried the cotton. With this method, you can usebigger baggies (or multiple baggies) for larger plants, smaller ones (or less filled) for plants that won't need much water, and as long as the threadis in contact with the soil, you've got a self-watering plant that only takes as much water as the soil can handle..