Posted on July 7, 2016

Automatic watering for pots

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  1. While passive systems are a great option for gardeners who need to leave their plants alone for a few days, there are some types of pots that aredesigned to be self-watering. These pots usually consist of a larger pot with a smaller container on the bottom. The smaller bottom container holdsthe water, so it must be checked on a regular basis. When the plant begins to dry out, the needed moisture will leach into the potting soil from thereservoir that is underneath the pot..

  2. Timers are an important part of setting up an automated system. By setting up a timer system to water your garden you can keep your plants fromgetting stressed from over or under watering. Setting up your irrigation system with the right schedule can also conserve water..

  3. Having house plants or an outdoor garden is a great way to add appeal and beauty to a living space, and installing a system that automatically waterspotted plants is the simple way to ensure that individual plants look great with minimal maintenance. Individuals have several options when it comesto designing and installing a system to provide the needed moisture. Some units are designed to work with a pump, and others use gravity or water'snatural capillary action to move moisture from a central reservoir to potting soil. Here are a few easy automatic watering systems that ensure pottedplants receive the water they need without having to be tended on a daily basis..

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  1. There are a few ways timers can be used to water the garden. They can be hooked up to your hose, sprinkler or drip systems. Timers let you decide whenand how often to water. Once you have the setup the schedule, the timer will do the rest. Here are a few different types of electronic timers..

  2. Drip watering systems can take the guesswork out of watering your plants. You don’t have to remember when you last refilled the reservoir onyour self-contained pots. Instead, you can run a drip system to those same pots and set a timer..

  3. Setting up an automatic watering system frees up precious time while keeping your garden healthy..

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  1. The supply shaft includes a water level indicator. (16-inch currently on sale for 2, Plow & Hearth; 12-inch ,

  2. The color is displayed through the hole you add water in, and can be changed from green to yellow to red, just by turning the internal pot so that thecolor you want shows up -- giving you increased decor flexibility. Water is sucked up through the 100 percent cotton thread..

  3. This will act as the 'wick' and will draw water from the reservoir pot into the inside pot.Pottingmix.Plants..