Posted on July 16, 2016

automatic watering equipment underground sprinkler systems

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  1. Testing the Agrem system is just part of a much larger project that The Nature Conservancy has managed since the late 1990s in the Bray Creek and FrogAlley watersheds that drain into the Mackinaw River watershed, according to Maria Lemke, aquatic ecologist for the Illinois Chapter of The NatureConservancy..

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  3. Welcome to Rainpro Underground Lawn Sprinklers, serving Calgary and surrounding areas. Specializing in sprinkler installation and service tocommercial clients and residential customers for over 16 years, Peter and Rob Mix, owners of Rainpro Underground Lawn Sprinklers have dedicatedthemselves to providing outstanding customer service to each and every one of their customers. We're a family owned and operated company that providesprompt, professional, and courteous service. We're fully licensed by the Province of Alberta, and offer new installations, winterizing, springstart-up and service contracts. We install high quality Hunter products..

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  1. The following diagram provides a simple look at the anatomy of a sprinkler system. The starting point is the source of water for the system. In thiscase there is an existing supply from a city meter to the house. Local codes may regulate who and how you can tap into your source. A mainline pipecarries water from the water source to a backflow prevention device which helps keep the sprinkler system from potentially contaminating or pollutingthe drinking water..

  2. Attractive.Pop-up sprinklers stay out of sight when not in use. All you needto do is enjoy your lawn. And our automatic sprinklers operatequietly, because they're gear-driven..

  3. Meiners' system isn't just theory. He partnered with The Nature Conservancy to test its yield and environmental safety potential on a 20-acre project,near Colfax, IL. The Agrem system was installed in the fall of 2005 and produced its first crop in 2006..

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  2. If you plan to dig the entire system by hand, dig the main runs first, then the branch lines. They should be at least 6 in. deep, but 8 to 10 in. willgive you better fitting room..

  3. From a farmer's viewpoint, the initial data from the project look good, according to Meiners. “From the fall of 2005 through the spring of 2006, thefield received just 3 in. of rainfall,” he says. “Then, from May through the first week of August, only 2.4 in. more rain fell on the field. Throughthe growing season we applied 3.65 in. of water through subirrigation and made three applications of nitrogen fertilizer (46 lbs. actual nitrogen eachapplication) in addition to the 45 lbs. of nitrogen surface applied at planting. We applied approximately 1 gal. of 28% liquid fertilizer per 200 gal.of irrigation water.”..