Posted on July 14, 2016

Automatic watering plants

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  1. Suggested Watering Depth forDifferent Types of Plants  ..

  2. DIY Idea #2:  If you want to go all out and rig up a larger scale automated drip irrigation system, Lifehacker has some good information onhow to do that well… but it’s going to set you back about 0..

  3. The beauty of a drip-irrigation system is you can customize the amounts of water given to plants with different requirements. Simply place more linesrunning to the plants or herbs that require more water and less to plants that prefer to be on the dry side.  You can even setup a container dripirrigation system on your patio to make sure all your potted plants stay well watered..

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  1. Waters plants through drip irrigation, slowly and consistently.Fertilizer solution can be added to feed the plant at the same time as it’s watered.Just fill the Sensor with water, press it into the soil and hang the tube in the water-filled tank where it can slowly siphon water to the plant..

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  1. Although it might seem like a luxury item, a timer will turn your system from good to great. Choose a programmable timer that allows for severalshorter cycles per day. With soaker hose, it often helps to use a technique called "pulse watering," especially if you have heavy soil that doesn'tdrain well. Instead of running the soaker for one long cycle, you break it into four shorter soak cycles, following each soak by a pause. This allowswater to soak into the soil and prevents waste. For instance, you set the timer to soak for 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute pause. You repeat theprocess three more times. Adjust the length of soak and pause as needed, depending on your soil and rainfall..

  2. Plants which are in very humid locations will need less water than those in dry environments..

  3. Hunter Industries offers rotor sprinklers that can apply water from 15 feet to over 160 feet, and are designed to irrigate large turf areas byspreading a solid stream of water back and forth over a designated area. Hunter is the industry leader in the rotor category, and has been sinceintroducing the PGP rotor in 1981..