Posted on July 10, 2016

automatic watering system argos

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  1. So close down that travel agent’s website and check our self watering and automatic watering systems first; after all, if your plants are happywhilst you’re away, so will you be!..

  2. Inserted through a hole in the pipe and feature a ridge on the inlet barb that prevents them from popping out; allow for customized flow rates andwater pressure..

  3. Explore the range of industries and organizations that rely on Argus for accurate, dependable controllearn more..

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  1. The idea behind this system was adapted from the free, downloadable guide: “Guide to setting up your own edible rooftop garden“,by Rooftop Garden Project, Montreal, Canada – who I’m indebted to for many fantastic ideas!..

  2. We have over 10 years experience selling automatic watering systems online. Over this period we have established a wealth of knowledge on variousdifferent automatic watering solutions. Whether you're buying a complete kit, or looking to design your own bespoke system, do not hesitate to contactone of our experts for advice..

  3. Most lawn grasses are pretty resilient and able to survive without regular watering. Every once in a while though it can be good for their health andcolour to have a good soaking. This is particularly true for lawns that have only recently been laid, or those which have not seen any rain for anextended period. The best way to spread water evenly over a large area such as this is with a lawn sprinkler, which will connect to your hosepipe andcan be controlled using a timer..

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  1. Here you can see how the reservoirs are linked together with plumbing pipe and connectors..

  2. Additionally, we offer fast, next day delivery straight to your door as well as a 60 day returns policy for added peace of mind..

  3. We have a great team of specialists on hand to help in any way you need.We can help you with planning your garden watering systems, offerrecommendations for specific watering requirements, and can provide more technical detail for any of the products listed on our website, so please doget in touch with one of our friendly staff to discuss your needs..