Posted on July 26, 2016

An automatic watering system

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  1. Hunter controllers are reliable and easy to program. In addition to the advanced capabilities offered in our controllers, Hunter controllers can alsobe upgraded to a smart controller with products such as the Solar Sync ET sensor, which adjusts your watering schedule automatically based on dailyweather conditions, resulting in increased water savings throughout the year..

  2. Oscillating sprinklers operate by rotating left and right, back and forth, putting out streams of water high into the air. They can be adjusted tocover a large rectangular area, or smaller area that is half the size of the larger one. Some models also feature pulsating action or "center-top"delivery, which are mostly marketing gimmicks..

  3. Our automated irrigation system begins by calculating the evapotranspiration rate of your garden, which is the sum of evaporation from the soil andtranspiration (water loss) from a plant. There are many atmospheric factors that affect evapotranspiration like temperature, relative humidity, windspeed, and solar radiation. For example, as temperature rises, so does evapotranspiration because higher temperatures causes plants to open theirstomata, the tiny pores that release water vapor into the atmosphere. At the same time, as relative humidity rises, evapotranspiration falls becauseit’s more difficult for water to evaporate into more water saturated air than into drier air..

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  1. Micro irrigation saves morethan time and energy; it saves water by distributing it more efficiently.Because you use dozens of watering devices toreplace one regular sprinkler,you have much greater control over where the water goes and how much issupplied to each plant. Instead of floodingthe ground all at once, microirrigation lets you apply a small amount over longer periods, allowing it tosoak into the plants’ root zone formaximum benefit. And since runoff and evaporation are kept to a minimum, micro irrigationuses less water..

  2. Sprinklers can be installed like this if you don't want them to hang..

  3. This tutorial tells you step-by-step how to repair it. How to fix a buzzing valve solenoid..

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  1. Suitable for beds, baskets, vegetables, pots, grow bags, specimen plants, greenhouse and tree establishment. Kit includes all hoses, drippers andfittings to water six large hanging baskets or twelve 12" pots. Just place unit near a rain barrel or any non-pressured water supply, insertfeeder tube, and arrange drip tubes; then switch it on. That’s it. Control knob allows you to adjust drip amount..

  2. This kit includes everything you need to set up four 25' rows — 100' of 1/2" soaker hose, 25' of 1/2" garden hose plus all couplers andfittings. Installs in minutes. Simply turn on the water any time your plants need a drink..

  3. There are three steps to practical landscape watering. Follow these three steps to figure out the best watering plan for your two main plant types:..