Posted on July 20, 2016

Automatic aviary watering system

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  1. We are located in sunny South Florida, where the climate is well suited to the production of baby parrots. After having bred our birds inside ourformer home, in 2001 we built our dream home and a 2000 square foot "State of the Art" open air aviary structure. This custom designedAviary includes a misting system which allows the birds to enjoy a rainforest atmosphere. In addition, we installed an automatic watering system whichflushes the water bowls and provides fresh drinking water four times each day. View a 5 second video of our aviary watering system in operation..

  2. Another vote for the dine-a-chook set from me, I installed mine 2 weeks ago. Food waste is basically zero now. I use the red hen layer feed (R.Smith– Hobart, TAS)..

  3. To be an effective gardener, put the watering can aside and use soaker hoses or a drip irrigation system to keep your garden and flowers happilygrowing.  You can make your job even easier by hooking either one up to an automatic timer..

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  1. The Flex-Tube system is easy to assemble-the tubing is cut with a pair of scissors and pushed onto the Tee Barbed Fittings. The tubing may besusceptible to abuse from birds; however, the Tubing Stand-Offs are designed to prevent this by holding the tubing away from the cage.Furthermore, abuse of the tubing is mainly associated with large birds. Important: Use of the Parrot valve requires a rigid PVC pipe system. Therigid PVC pipe system is designed for cage rows up to 200 feet long. It can withstand abuse from the animal such as chewing, but may be morechallenging for beginners to assemble. The pipe must be cut and glued together and must be measured exactly..

  2. One further tip on design - when you have your plans drawn up, before you start work, show them to a few experienced builders of aviaries.  Gettheir opinions, listen to their constructive criticism and make any necessary alterations.  You'll be glad you did in the long run.  It'squicker, easier and cheaper to do it right in the first place..

  3. No two landscapes are alike. That’s whyRain Bird has the most diverse, durableand precise irrigation components in theindustry. Whatever landscape problems youmight have, be worry-free knowing Rain Birdhas an efficient, hassle-free solution..

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  1. The first thing you will appreciate about your new Dine a Chook product is the level of quality. Our industrial-grade PVC fittings will last longerand endure even in the extremes of the Australian climate. It is hard to convey this in words but we 100% guarantee that you will be extremelyimpressed with both the construction and quality of our products..

  2. Poultry Nipple Systems & Fountains. Poultry watering systems help keep your chickens and game birds healthier by supplying cleaner water. Weoffer several sizes of..

  3. An original automatic watering system for an aviary of Caique parrots and Brotogeris parakeets. Specialty breeder of Caiques and Brotogeris..