Posted on July 21, 2016

Automatic watering system for cattle

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  1. Lilfount Pet Water Model 1000MIR1000Ordering InformationLilfount Pet Water Model 1001 w/HeatMir1001OrderingInformation..

  2. Solar pumping systems provide a viable method to water livestock in locations where utility electricity is not available. They can be used to providepressurized water from wells or low-lying ponds or streams to locations at higher elevations. Solar pumping systems typically provide a low flow rate.For this reason, and because the sun is not always shining, solar watering systems require storage of two to three days water supply..

  3. Lay down astrip of crushed road gravel preferably with sizes from 1 inch (2.5 cm) diameter down to 10 to 15 per cent fines. The gravel layer should be a minimumof 1 foot (0.3 m) thick. Start the gravel layer 10 to 15 feet (3 - 4.5 m) back from the water’s edge and continue down to below the lowest waterlevel of the dugout. Use a small caterpillar or four-wheel drive tractor to spread and compact the gravel.In soft soil conditions, place aplastic polygrid or geogrid under the gravel to provide added support. The material comes in 3 or 4 metre wide rolls and can be overlapped for widerramps.The water source is usually fenced off, so livestock can only drink from the access ramp. Some producers have found that fencing is notnecessary because once the cattle have convenient access to water, with good footing, they will water almost exclusively from the ramp..

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  1. Although livestock prefer water, snow is an acceptable water source for mature cows and young cattle in good condition. For snow to be used as a watersource, there must be an abundant supply, and it must be clean, unpacked and with no crust so that it is easily accessible by livestock. Providelactating cows, as well as first and second-calf heifers with water to maintain body condition during the winter months..

  2. A major drawback with ram pumps is that they require a source ofrunning water to operate. The pump requires a minimum flow rateof 4.5 L/min. (1 imp. gal/min.)..

  3. Reinemann and Springman (1992) recommended sizing the water requirements of plate coolers based on 1 to 2 pounds of water per pound of milk. Waterusage may be less than 1 to 1 if no attempts are made to control water and milk flow. Spencer (1992) also noted water usage with pre-cooler may betwice as much as the milk produc­tion while obtaining 30 to 50% of the cooling requirements..

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  1. Example:Assume a 100-cow herd on pasture. The water source is a pond and the water must be pumped a vertical distance of 30 feet and requires 1,000feet of pipe. Electricity is available to pump the water. For summer conditions, 2000 gal/day of water will be provided. To allow 5% of the herd todrink at any one time, 5 watering spaces will be provided and a flow rate of 10 gal/min will accommodate the drinking rate of the animals..

  2. Windmills (Figure 5) have been used for hundredsof years to pump water but recently there have been major improvements in windmill technology. There are 3 distinct ways to pump waterusing a windmill - mechanical, air and electric. Allwindmill-pumpingsystems require a suitable tank that the livestock will drink from..

  3. Choose from eight different models of livestock waterers with stainless steel or aircraft grade aluminum housings to fit your specific budgetrequirements..