Posted on July 12, 2016

Automatic watering for potted plants

What can you find in search engines google, yahoo, bing by word "automatic watering for potted plants"?

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  1. If you have accidentally allowed the soil in your container to dry out completely, it would be wise to soak the entire container in a tub of water fora half hour or so in order to force rehydration of the potting soil..

  2. U.S. Pat. No. 4,148,155, issued Apr. 10, 1979 to D. J. Allen, discloses a device for hydroponic plants with a reservoir having a water outlet tubeenclosed in a standpipe which penetrates an inert growing medium, the outlet tube spaced apart from the mouth of the standpipe by a fixed distance,with an air vent penetrating the standpipe at the upper end of the standpipe. U.S. Pat. No. 4,578,897, issued Apr. 1, 1986 to Pazar, et al., teaches awater reservoir in the form of a plastic bottle having a shoulder about its mouth, an orifice defined in the shoulder, and a plastic tube having itsend cut at an angle, the bottle being inverted and the tube penetrating the soil, so that when the water level is below the end of the tube, airenters the reservoir and forces water out of the orifice..

  3. The Parrot Pot water tank is machine-washable., hardy enough to place outside, and it’s sleek yet conventional design make it perfect for any home,office, garden, and terrace environment..

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  1. Function: can water depend on the water at the pot(the product without pot)..

  2. A terracotta spike is pushed into the soil to funnel water gradually from the volume of the bulb-like vase. The natural porousness of theearthenware releases water to the plant gradually—the flow being determined by how much of the surface area of the spike that has been left unglazed..

  3. so Idon’t have any proof of how this will work in the long run. But I was so dang proud of myself that I had to share it with you all immediately!..

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  1. These self watering globes are an attractive way to water your plants without having hoses and tubes trailing everywhere. Large pots may require morethan one globe..

  2.  Fill, Then Refill, Then RefillAfter you have inserted the bottle into yourpotted plant, fill the automatic plant waterer up to the top, and wait five minutes.  Your plant will probably soak up much of the water atfirst, if it is dry, and you will need to fill it back up to the top.  Now, believe it or not, you have a DIY automatic plant waterer!..

  3. If you'd like to keep your houseplants well-watered despite vacation plans or forgetfulness, you'd be hard pressed to find a simpler solution thanthis DIY, no fuss, no electricity needed, watering system..