Posted on August 2, 2016

Automatic watering system diy

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  1. You can build your automatic watering system several different ways:..

  2. Practical system start of Pipeline and Sprinklersystem..

  3. Any of the mentioned watering systems can also be used to deliver fertilizer to plants at regular intervals with very few changes..

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  1. Of course, if this is too much work, this soda bottle method also works, and if you want to get high tech, you could build this arduino based system.Either way, hit the link below to see how this one's done..

  2. First, drill a 1/2″ hole in the bottle cap while the cap is on the bottle. You may want to drill a 1/4″ pilot hole first as some bottlecaps may break apart if you try to force a 1/2″ hole right away..

  3. The Click & Drip drip plant watering system release water slowly and evenly through drip irrigation pipe so that your plants take up the waterbefore it forms puddles which evaporate. The holes in the dripper line are spaced 30cms apart and are carefully designed to open with internalpressure, so they allow water out but won’t become blocked when hidden under soil, mulch and bark. So whether you are watering plants in rasiedbeds, growbags, allotments or veg plots you can be confident of using our Click and Drip automatic drip plant watering kit..

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  1. Raised Bed Snip-n-Drip Soaker System: Create a convenient, efficient and streamlined watering system. Customizable to fit any raised bed, includingour Cedar Raised Bed, Elevated Cedar Raised Bed and VegTrug™ Patio Garden. Includes 25' of 1/2" soaker hose, 4' of 1/2" garden hose, two anglecouplers and additional fittings..

  2. If you are planning a vacation, this is exactly the type of system that will keep your plants healthy & watered.  You won’t need to hire ahouse sitter or beg a friend to come in and water your plants while you are away.   The Oasis is a  unique type of automatic watering solution perfectfor those who frequently travel, need to go out of town or are just plain forgetful..

  3. Watch your indoor drip systems carefully to prevent over-watering..