Posted on July 17, 2016

automatic watering system for potted plants

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  1. Attach Emitters:Now you're ready to attach your emitters. For each plant in your garden:Pick a spot on the 1/2" poly pipe that is closest to theplant, and use the special tool to punch a hole in the 1/2" pipe. Cut a piece of 1/4" pipe long enough to reach to the plant, allowing a little extraslack. Find the connector that came with your emitter (in our case, it was attached to the emittor, and we just had to snap it off), and push it intothe hole you just made in the 1/2" pipe. Push the piece of 1/4" pipe you just cut onto the connector to join it securely to the 1/2" pipe. Attach theemitter to the other end of the 1/4" pipe. If your emitter does not have a built-in connector, you will need to use a separate connector. Ours had abuilt-in connector and attached directly to the 1/4" pipe.Emitter attaches to 1/4" pipe (left) 1/4" pipe attaches to 1/2" pip (right) Emitterspike is pushed into the groundStake the emitter to the ground very close to the base of the plant by pushing the spike of the emitter into theground. If your emitter is adjustable, open it a little bit by twisting the top.You can adjust the exact amount later when you get the whole systemgoing..

  2. The Hohokam constructed an assortment of simple canals combined with weirs in their variousagricultural pursuits. Between the 7th and 14th centuries, they also built and maintained extensive irrigation networks along the lower Salt andmiddle Gila rivers that rivaled the complexity of those used in the ancient Near East, Egypt, and China. These were constructed using relativelysimple excavation tools, without the benefit of advanced engineering technologies, and achieved drops of a few feet per mile, balancing erosion andsiltation. The Hohokam cultivated varieties of cotton, tobacco, maize, beans and squash, as well as harvested an assortment of wild plants. Late inthe Hohokam Chronological Sequence, they also used extensive dry-farming systems, primarily to grow agave for food and fiber. Their reliance onagricultural strategies based on canal irrigation, vital in their less than hospitable desert environment and arid climate, provided the basis for theaggregation of rural populations into stable urban centers.[23]..

  3. If you'd like to keep your houseplants well-watered despite vacation plans or forgetfulness, you'd be hard pressed to find a simpler solution thanthis DIY, no fuss, no electricity needed, watering system..

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  1. Such elongation of the set spring 64progressively reduces the spring retention force applied to the valve head 70 until the trigger point at which the set spring force is insufficient tomaintain the valve head in the open position against the force of the water pressure applied thereto, to result in closure of the valve head 70 andcessation of water flow to the potted plant. The specific maximum weight or set point at which water flow is halted is adjustably set in the mannerpreviously described by appropriately advancing or retracting the adjustment screw 66 relative to the actuator sleeve 56..

  2. – Power drill – 1/2″ drill bit – 1/16″ drill bit – 1-liter soda bottle – water pick..

  3. Save yourself the cost of unnecessary water consumption..

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  1. Do you want to use this system the next time you’re away from home?..

  2. Keep your plants hydrated and conserve water with the ELGO Planters Drip kit. Perfect for potted plants, hanging baskets and vegetable gardens, thePlanters Drip Kit features pre-assembled components with water saving technologies..

  3. Sophisticated self watering systems like the Oasis can keep up to 20 pots watered for up to 40 days. Do you manage to wateryour houseplants at least every 2-3 weeks?..