Posted on July 29, 2016

automatic watering bucket

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  1. drill a 3″ hole in the center and a 1 1/4″ hole at the side..

  2. Next, I bought a flower pot base bigger than the bucket diameter. You know, the little dishes that sit under the pot to catch the excess water?..

  3. -You can measure how much the horses are drinking. (This may be the only reason that my dream barn has buckets.) ..

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  1. This is the same fitting that is in your home connecting the toilet to the water source. The toilet fill valve is a 5/8″ thread. There is not aPVC fitting for this size, but there is brass fittings. This hose is better anyway, because the hose lets play exist between the bucket and the waterline..

  2. You can imagine how just a couple of these units can improve the lives of entire villages..

  3. Once it's all assembled, take it out to the coop. The bucket needs to be placed on level ground, very important. Once placed on a hard level surface,connect the garden hose and turn on the water, slowly.  The bucket will begin to fill. With the lid off, adjust the valve (see manual for the valve)float level. Ideally you will get the water up to the very bottom of the holes. You will need to watch the holes to find out which one is lowest asthis one will be the first to over flow. This hole is the one you need to adjust the float to. Once adjusted, the valve will come on when the waterlevel decreases (gets consumed by the chickies)..

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  1.   Check out recent blog posts about bucket waterers..

  2. -Easy to have a separate hay dunking bucket away from the drinking buckets..

  3. If you’re looking for a highly productive and elegant growing system that is genuinely ‘self watering’, this system from Canada isbrilliant!..