Posted on July 21, 2016

automatic watering batteries

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  1. Flower House SOL-K12 Solar RainMaker Automatic Watering System..

  2. Six 6 volt Golf Cart Battery Watering Kit  0 – Installation Available..

  3. After cell watering is completed, power to pump 30 is removed and water within cell caps 16 andconduit 28 drains into reservoir 18 by a gravity syphon through conduit 26..

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  1. Moving to FIG. 8, power is supplied to the solenoid valve 38/switch 36 couple. If the level of float 34 senses that reservoir 18 needs water, thenswitch 36 causes valve 38 to open and admit water to reservoir 18..

  2. This invention relates to a hybrid electric vehicle using fuel cells and aqueous batteries that are automatically watered. More specifically, thepresent invention is directed to a completely integrated and maintenance free hybrid vehicle employing fuel cells, aqueous batteries, and a wateringsystem for the aqueous batteries..

  3. Installation is a breeze:Remove the stock battery caps, install the new caps in their placeand run the connecting tubing per instructions. Theinstallation willtake only 10 minutes or less to complete. This setup will allow youto fill all the batteries at the same time without ever movingtheheavy battery tray from its locked position..

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  1. Add water until the electrolyte level is 1/8" below the bottom of the fill well..

  2. ·        Nosafety equipment required (such as eye wash systems and protective gear)..

  3. FINAL NOTE: We of course, do not have every BFS kit available listed online.  If you don't see it or have any confusion over which kit to order,please call 1-800-328-1953 prior to ordering.  We can also get kits which are not shown for various Taylor Dunn products, Stealth, Kandi CoCo,AlumaCar, Stealth, California Roadster, Fairplay Eve and many others.  Additionally this battery fill system may be configured to fit onRVs, boats and custom electric vehicles that use flooded-cell lead acid batteries.  Pricing may vary depending on exact battery layout. Please call for pricing and specifications. 800-328-1953 or 828-963-6775..