Posted on July 4, 2016

automatic watering earthbox

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  1. Attach the 110mm pipe to the underneath of the corrugated plastic with three or four ring ties. Put this into the wooden box with the feet sittingin the plastic reservoir. Apart from a tube of plumbing to add water, your container is now finished..

  2. !!Last year was the first year I tried them and I got a little carried away. I am a self taught gardener and do not have a greenthumb. I decided to try different things in the earthboxes to see what worked and what did not. I planted cantaloupe, onions, carrots, corn, and 2kinds of tomatoes. All worked..

  3. This system wouldn’t be helpful if you wanted to retrofit your existing garden with a self-watering system, but if you’re just plantingone it is a great idea!..

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  1. Hello,I live in Colorado where we just has our 1st snow. I have a southern facing window where i would like to place an Earth Box for tomatoes andcucumbers, will I need artificial lighting to get them going and maintained?..

  2. Steve, I love it. EarthBox saves the day. It seems that producing the first tomato of the season is some kind of national pastime. This isn't thefirst time I've been told that someone has ridden their EB garden to victory. It's awesome. We need to start a league. May I suggest the name, NFTL,National First Tomato League..

  3. Yes, I agree the Earthbox is a GREAT system for growing all sorts of plants (we own 3 of them) – but there’s a BIG problem that way too many peopleare making when their considering buying this product..

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  1. Mailing Address:1350 Von Storch Ave.Scranton, Pennsylvania 18509 (United States)..

  2. This whole process is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. Then, every time you shop online you’ll be saving TIME & MONEY!..

  3. – Screws. – A drill, a 110mm hole saw, a mitre saw, and screwdriver..