Posted on July 16, 2016

automatic sprinkler drain valve

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  1. Blazing Products HP4000 1/2 in. MPT Mainline Drain..

  2. The accompanying drawing is a schematic elevation view illustrating a sprinkler-system condensate drain, according to a preferred embodiment of thepresent invention, for use in a dry-pipe type automatic sprinkler system..

  3. Outlet solenoid 36 opens the outlet valve 20 thereby releasing the accumulated condensate from the condensate reservoir 12..

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  1. Thereafter, outlet solenoid 36 opens outlet valve 20, thereby allowing the accumulated condensate to drain from thecondensate reservoir 12..

  2. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)..

  3. When running a main feed line, it's best to wrap thelow-voltage cable around the pipe and pull it at the same time. With the piping connected, start the machine moving forward and lower the blade intothe ground..

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  1. Mechanical sprinkler system controllers can be identified quite easily; theytypically have a dial on them similar to one found on an analog clock.Thesemachines do use up a lot of electricity when compared to solid statecontrollers. Most people find the cost of keeping mechanical controllersonthroughout the winter overly prohibitive.Instead of using "rain mode," then, it makes sense to turn offthepower to a mechanical controller for optimal winterization performance. Onemore thing: if you have a pump wired to your mechanical controller,disconnectit. This can help eliminate the risk of the controller inadvertently kicking inand damaging the pump..

  2. In one method of operation, the inlet valve is in an open position and the outlet valve is in a closed position while the system is inactive. Thisposition allows the condensate reservoir to collect condensate as condensation forms in the sprinkler system. Once the programmable controllerdetermines that the accumulated condensate should be removed from the system based upon previously determined parameters, the controller signals theinlet actuator to close the inlet valve. With the inlet valve closed, the controller signals the outlet actuator to open the outlet valve. After apredetermined time period, sufficient in length to allow the accumulated condensate to drain from the reservoir, the controller signals the outletactuator to close the outlet valve. Thereafter, the controller signals the inlet actuator to open the inlet valve. The inlet valve remains open duringthe period of inactivity until the programmable controller begins the cycle once again..

  3. Note: Since the condensate will contain a mixture of water and lubricating oil, be sure to drain all condensate in a manner approved by all federal,state and local regulatory agencies. Oil/water separators are available to assist in this function..