Posted on August 1, 2016

automatic watering christmas tree

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  1. FIG. 6 is is a front elevational view of the water level alarm warning device in the embodiment that attaches to the flexible tubing by a plurality ofclips..

  2. FIG. 8 is a side elevational view of the upper body section;..

  3. U.S. Pat. No. 4,121,608 patented Oct. 24, 1978 by E. MacLeod, attempted to solve this problem by providing a moisture responsive liquid meteringdevice for use in controlling the amount of liquid delivered to a given location according to the moisture level at that location. The device includeda flexible tube through which the liquid flows from one location to another as from a container of water to a potted plant. A valving device comprisedof a wooden tubular sleeve and an elongated valve core are provided for opening and closing the tube in a squeezing action. The valve core wasprovided with an opening at one end through which the tube was threaded in close proximity to one end of the wooden sleeve which was substantiallycoextensive with the core. The device was planted in soil, for example, and when the soil was damp, the moisture caused the wooden sleeve to expand topinch the tubing shut. As the soil dried out the sleeve contracted, releasing pressure on the tube and allowing water to flow. However, such devicewas complicated in structure, relied upon a valve means, and was unsuitable to provide for the watering of a Christmas tree, i.e. a cut tree, so thatit would not dry out and hence become a fire hazard..

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  1. So,this year, Iinvite you to “fillit and forget it” becauseQuench-A-Tree simplifiesthe wateringprocess..


  3. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a tree watering device adapted to conveniently allow maintenance of a water supply inthe tree base without frequent attention to this chore..

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  1. Over at the DIY site Instructables, user Ricky Spears got sick of wrestling with his tree every time he wanted to top off the quickly depleted reserveof water under his tree. His solution is both cheap and a great time saver. You'd never guess it by just the photo above, but the large gold presentunder the Christmas tree houses a gallon of water to help top off the pan under the tree..

  2. The head 25 is provided with a cylindrical neck 49 provided with male threads 50 and a rubber lock ring 51..

  3. A conduit 35 through the nipple 34 communicates between the interior 32 of the funnel 21 and the hollow interior 36 of the flexibletube 40 so that water passed into the interior 32 of the funnel 21 through the opening 33 would by gravity pass through the conduit 35 of the nipple34 into the flexible tube 40 and thence to the reservoir 10..