Posted on July 17, 2016

automatic watering chickens

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  1. 7.High quality and best price because we are manufucturer of development,production and sales in livestock equipments and instrutions..

  2. It is over 100 here pretty much every day now and I fret over them.I have 2 traditionalwaterers, but they are high maintenance and I have to check them frequently in case they get knocked over.Having a chicken fountain would be heaven!..

  3.   Exellent product  have yet to install the product but I am sure it will do the job   (09/01/2014)-..

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  1. I tested with a big soda bottle and it worked great.(just to give you a hint of the kind of pressure you should have)..

  2. Help Pollinators and Your Chickens with Sunflowers..

  3. 5.Could provide poultry house more healthy and cleaner water,and avoid to causing poultry disease because of water pollution,increasing poultysurvival rate..

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  1. I took the mason jar feeding attachment and a small plastic peanut butter jar that was the same size as a mason jar. I cut the bottom off of the jarand attached a bigger peanut butter jar to the smaller one. I cut out the bottom of that one and took a long piece of A/C conduit and funneled the enda little to fit into the larger peanut butter jar. I then cut out the bottom of a big plastic container and attached it to the top of the conduit.Finally I cut some holes into the conduit and plastic container and threaded through some wire. This wire would support the majority of the weight ofthe feeder and take pressure off of the jars. I really like this feeder because it was cheap, takes up very little floor space, is easy to refill,holds a lot of feed, and oh yeah… it was cheap!..

  2. Last week we began preparing for the 50 meat chickens we were about to get in the mail. We hit the farm supply store to get two new feed troughs andwaterers. As I was looking at the metal waterers, I noticed the price tag. each!..

  3. A good guard dog is invaluable when keeping chickens. We are currently relying on a Golden Retriever for this job. In the past we have used Mastiffs,which are my personal favorite..