Posted on July 11, 2016

Automatic watering bottle

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  1. DIY Idea #2:  If you want to go all out and rig up a larger scale automated drip irrigation system, Lifehacker has some good information onhow to do that well… but it’s going to set you back about 0..

  2. IRISO® Drip Watering System - Smart & Ecological Drip Feed Irrigation System!..

  3. The show focuses on projects that are fun, educational and that kids can participate in..

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  1. It is well known that in order for plants to flourish they must be provided with the proper amount of moisture. By providing a plant with too littleor too much water, its growth processes or life span will be impeded. Since the proper amount of moisture varies not only among different types ofplants, but with the particular environment in which the plant is growing, it is a time consuming process to manually supply the necessary water. Anautomatic device for providing the necessary water to the plant is therefore a highly desirable and time saving device..

  2. Our Automatic Dual Outlet Electronic Timer makes it nearly effortless to maintain an efficient watering schedule for your lawn and garden. Easy toinstalland use, the timer allows you to set different programs for each outlet, so the vegetables can be on one schedule, for example, and the grasscan be onanother. No more wasting water if you forget to turn the sprinkler off, or facing brown plants if you forget to turn it on.Durable,easy-swivel metal coupling.Intuitive, easy-to-set dial.Each outlet can be programmed differently.Independently programmedoutlets conserve water.Auto shut-off valve.Rain delay programming.Large LCD display alternates between showing the currenttime and the next scheduled program.Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)..

  3. Automatic Watering Bowls – These are great for use indoors or out, but they tend to become dirty very quickly with food, dust, pet hair andother debris. They work similarly to toilets; a hose connects the bowl to a faucet, and then a float and valve works to maintain the water levelinside the bowl. Large dogs may flip these bowls over, resulting in a big mess..

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  1. The automatic watering device may be made integral with the pot, or it may be sold as an after market accessory for flower pots. The automaticwatering pot may be made economically from thermoplastic or ceramic material..

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