Posted on July 21, 2016

Automatic watering bowl for dogs

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  1. For messy dogs, bowls and mats will help manage the mess and excess food. Our range also includes some gorgeous designer bowls we guarantee you’lllove..

  2. The standard .95 shipping cost does not apply to international orders. Some products are noteligible for international shipment. Also,additional restrictions may apply. For a full list ofInternational shipping restrictions, please see ourInternational Help Center..

  3. Stainless Steel bowls are the best kind of outdoor bowls. They’re durable and very easy to clean. Most stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe andinclude little rubber stoppers on the base so that the bowl stays in one place when your dog goes to take a drink or eat their dinner..

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  1. Most Oversize orders are delivered within 1-4 weeks. Some orders may take 6 weeks to bedelivered..

  2. Float actuated valve automatically replenishes the water as dogs drink. Eliminates the hassle of watering yourdog..

  3. The Sir Aqua watering system is designed to attach to any garden hose. The hose attaches to a pressure valve clamped to a stainless steel dish. Whenyour dog drinks the water, the valve responds to the lowered pressure in the bowl and automatically refills it..

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  1. For independent eaters, we offer an assortment of automatic cat feeders that allow your feline to eat at their leisure. Although eating habits candiffer, all cats need a bountiful supply of fresh, clean water. Our selection of water fountains not only help to keep your cat hydrated, but theyalso inhibit the growth of bacteria by continuously filtering the water. Make food and water easily accessible to support your cat’s health andoverall well-being..

  2. Provided with the bowl is all the hardware that you need to mount it to the wall or floor, and it’s also perfect to keep outside. You can pickup yours for just .99 from Smart Home..

  3. Our Watering Hole Fountain is featured in Modern Cat!..