Posted on July 4, 2016

automatic watering system for agriculture

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  1. Two drip-irrigation lines for each plant are connected to the manifold and have 4 GPH drip-emitters on the ends..

  2. Golf, Europe & UKAmongst several others, the design of the irrigation systemand full time on site supervision of the installation foran 18 hole golfcourse and golf academy in Mallorca, for IGI Switzerland. Design andspecification documents for the automatic watering system atEyehurst, forArden Lea Irrigation Ltd..

  3. There was much commerce between the provinces of the empire, and all regions of the empire were largely economically interdependent. Some provincesspecialized in the production of grain, others in wine and others in olive oil, depending on the soil type. Columella writes in his Res Rustica, "Soilthat is heavy, chalky, and wet is not unsuited to the growing for winter wheat and spelt. Barley tolerates no place except one that is loose anddry."[7]..

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  1. Turn on the water and stay nearby to record the time it shuts off. The elapsed time is how long it took the system to deliver the inch of water..

  2. Perennial irrigation was practiced in the Mesopotamian plain whereby crops were regularly watered throughout the growing season by coaxing waterthrough a matrix of small channels formed in the field.[4]..

  3. Most farmers in Georgia use either electricity or diesel engines to supply power for their irrigation systems. A few use propane, natural gas, orgasoline..

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  1. landline - communication wire or cable of any sort that is installedon poles or buried in the ground..

  2. An evaporative cooling system moves air through a screen or spray of water in such a manner that evaporation of water occurs. About 1,000 BTUs of heatare required to change 1 pound of water from liquid to vapor. If the heat for evaporation comes from the air, the air is cooled. Evaporation isgreater when the air entering the system is dry; that is, when the relative humidity is low, allowing the air to evaporate a lot of water. The waterholding ability of air is expressed in terms of relative humidity. A relative humidity of 50 percent, for example, means the air is holding one-halfof the maximum water that the air could hold if saturated at a given temperature..

  3. This next picture shows the holes needed to prepare for the sprinkler head and the mini tube line that supplies water to the sprinkler head. The holeswill be bored with a half inch drill bit..