Posted on July 26, 2016

Automatic watering system australia

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  1. Like most people I was looking for a way to combat feed loss to wild birds. I looked at several solutions and decided to try this one. After 3 weeks Ican say the feeders are a complete success and are rapidly paying for themselves. They are durable, simple, thoughtfully designed and reasonablypriced. I also bought the drinkers, which I didn't think I needed so much. The chooks however love them and were using them in seconds. These are goodproducts and I recommend them. (B.Clause – VIC)..

  2. Moisture Matic® is ideal for watering during holidays and during hot weather.  Once the system is set-up the plant is automatically watered with aminimum of fuss & effort..

  3. The system's water distribution tank avoids the problem of leaky faucets, helping to conserve water and prevent moisture damage. And because Oasis ispowered by a single 9V battery that provides enough power to operate the system for up to one year, it helps you save money on electricity bills..

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  1. Battery watering, or lack of, is one of the main reasons for battery failure. Automatic battery watering systems provide an easy way to maintain thecorrect levels. By simply connecting after charging replaces the lost water caused by the gassing process during the charge cycle..

  2. The Oasis precisely measures water to suit your specific needs. Each program waters twice per day, and the amount of water is equally distributed toyour plants. The 10-day program delivers 4.05 ounces of water per dripper per day; the 20-day program delivers 2.02 ounces of water per dripper perday; the 30-day program delivers 1.35 ounces of water per dripper per day; and the 40-day program delivers 1.01 ounces of water per dripper per day.Generally speaking, one dripper is sufficient for small and medium plants; two drippers are recommended for larger plants..

  3. Permanent Water Conservation Measures Eyre Peninsula Level 2 Level 3 Reticulation sprinklers: 5pm-10am (6pm-10am in DST) 6pm-8am (8pm-8am in DST)8pm-8am, 3 days/week Prohibited Hand-held hose watering and drippers: Any time 1 day/week with trigger nozzle, 6-9am or 5-..

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  1. Keeping the electrolyte levels at the correct height maintains the correct sulphuric acid sg level, therefore, allowing for efficient operation, whichin turn means obtaining maximum life expectancy from your battery and less service calls due to cell failure..

  2. An added bonus, an LED signals when the Oasis is in operation or when the battery is low, so you never have to worry about your plants going withoutthe water they need. One 9V battery will power your system for an entire year..

  3. Since its inception, Hunter Industries has been known as "The Irrigation Innovators"..