Posted on July 17, 2016

Greenhouse automatic watering kits

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  1. Any of the mentioned watering systems can also be used to deliver fertilizer to plants at regular intervals with very few changes..

  2. Watering kits take the fuss out of watering enabling you to water your plants in pots and containers or flower borders and vegetable patches..

  3. Keep plants perfectly watered even when you're on holiday with our Click & Drip Plant Watering Kits. Perfect for growbags, raised beds, borders& veg plots. Fuss-free kit, attaches straight to your waterbutt or mains tap..

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  1. Garden & Greenhouse watering has never been easier with our Click & Drip plant irrigation systems. Our Click & Drip watering kits,designed to keep your plants watered without wasting a drop. When plants are watered by a watering can as little as 10% to 30% of the water reachesthe root of the plants. The rest of the water runs off or evaporates..

  2. Misting irrigation systems work to imitate rain by providing water to plants in light or coarse mist, similar to what they get in nature. Mistingsystems are best installed about six feet above the ground, below the greenhouse roof. Its disadvantage is that it makes not only plants wet, buteverything else inside your space, including benches, your gardening gloves and the greenhouse floor. One great advantage is that the mist also addshumidity to the greenhouse and also provides a cooling effect. Misting systems can also be automated with a sensor that regulates intervals betweenwatering..

  3. For bench watering use our bench/mist watering system.  These us quick simple connectors for easy installation.  Misters can be placed on abench or at ground level.  Can also be used overhead with the anti drip adapter and stabiliser..

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  1. Combine the controllers with the new collection of Easy Drip components to create a system that can be easily adapted to any outdoor space. The EasyDrip collection can be quickly installed in under 15 minutes and can be adjusted to water any size plant..

  2. Whether you have a seasoned green thumb or just got into gardening and planting, offers a wide variety of different drip irrigation partsand kits to keep your flowers, plants, vegetables, and herbs watered and healthy. Easily search through results and filter by keyword, brand, price,and average rating to narrow down your choice. With FREE Super Saving Shipping, you can have your purchases shipped straight to your home whilekeeping more of your green for greener pastures, literally..

  3. ) areas in the middle of beds and borders and deliver where it’s most required – to the soil..