Posted on July 27, 2016

automatic sprinkler keeps running

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  1. I have myers 3/4 hp pump that is hooked to a well point that Is 13 foot down in the basement of my house the pumpis hooked u to a 85 gallon holdingtank from that I water my lawn and it all has worked fine usually can run at 4o psi and the pump shuts on and off at 30 then 50 - all has worked finein the past however, now the pump will not get over 28 psi (tank pressure and will not go high enough to cycle on and off. the pump I sine I just tooit to the shop and had it checked out. there was a new sleeve they put in and cleaned it out etc..

  2. Just dial each zone and see every setting clearly displayed Because you set this timer by zones, youcontrol the irrigation system exactly the way it is laid out. Other timers require setting two or more zones on the same watering program. That justwastes water and isn’t ideal for the plants. With this advanced timer, watering schedules can be fine-tuned for each lawn area as well as the flowrates of each sprinkler type..

  3. Rotor-type sprinklers (called "rotors") are the sprinklers that have one or more streams of water that rotate over the landscape.Some havea single stream that goes back and forth, or just goes in a complete circle.Another type are called "stream rotors", these have severalfingers of water that rotate around the sprinkler in the same direction and look like spider legs.The bottom line is that if the sprinkler has astream of water that rotates, it is a rotor-type sprinkler..

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  1. This is usually near the water meter but can be located anywhere before the valves.Why are MP rotators more efficient than older spray nozzles?..

  2. I have a Hydrotex 4000 six zone indexing system that went hay started leaking and will not switch zones.How do I replace my valve, canyou provide me all the involve steps.I have an all PVC fitting sprinkler system, using well, with a horizontal pump.thanks Primetime..

  3. Spray-type sprinklers (often simply called "spray heads" or "sprays") are the sprinklers that create a fixed fan-shaped spraypattern, somewhat like a shower nozzle spray..

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  1. If you don't want to take my word for it, call a sprinkler manufacturer's help line and ask them..

  2. Start excavation by looking for wet spots on the ground that could be caused by a well piping leak..

  3. The most common reason a pop-up sprinkler “sticks up” is because debris is in the pop up body, the riser is damaged, or the riser seal is worn. To fixthis, unscrew the body cap, pull out the sprinkler assembly, and examine the parts. Clean out debris and replace parts if needed..