Posted on July 19, 2016

Automatic watering for chickens

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  1. With the help of elbows (90 degree) and PVC pipes, you can get the simplest yet effective feeder for your coop.  It is a kind of “T” shape system,which can be used for both feeding and watering the chickens. The two ends of the system can be used either for feed, water,or for both..

  2. I have the bucket with nipples, they loved it at first but in the hot water were giving them bowls with frozed bottles of water. made them alittle lazy!..

  3. I would LOVE th have these nipples(from contest or ordering), I luve in HOT AND DRY conditions, these may,be just what is needed. Thanks..

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  1. Chickens require clean drinking water, which may seem easy enough to do. But there are choices in how you deliver water to chickens and things toconsider like frozen water dishes in the winter. Learn about the various options for watering chickens and what watering system might work best foryour laying flock or meat birds..

  2. I have had chickens for several years now. Currently I have 7 pullets almost ready for egg laying. Poop and debris in their water is not something Iwant to clean up anymore. It is amazing to me how they manage to make a mess of their standard issue galvanized waterer..

  3. My chics need this, it is sooo hot they need all the help theycan get. Did i mention it would make the wattering easier for me too. Thanks from theBrashers girls..

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  1. Take a water jar and clean it up twice or thrice, so that nothing is left inside. Make sure you make a hole in the bottom, and flat the edges. Nowtake a plastic plan or even a glass dish and keep the water filled jar on it. Here is the simplest and cost effective kind of automatic diy chickenwaterer..

  2. I bet I could put this together and put half the nipples on one side of the run fence and the other half on the outside forthe free girls this would save the hassle of TWO waterers..

  3. Now, Iam not saying I want to sit in my house all day and not have to worry about the animals, but having a system would make simple weekend trips away fromhome much easier. As it stands now, we have to get someone to watch them while we are gone..