Posted on July 11, 2016

earthbox® automatic watering system 6-box kit

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  1. I know what you’re thinking – who’s got the time to look at 50 websites and auction sites!..

  2. I've been using an Earthbox for about 3 years. I love it!..

  3. @Nushin: I wish there was a simple straight forward answer to your question but there is not. However I think we can help. Growing veggies indoors canbe tricky. They will need 10-12 hours of sunlight so you will probably need to supplement with some artificial light. Also be careful of thetemperature. Most veggies like the heat and even on a sunny day windows can be drafty places. Generally packaged growing media is pest free. Keep inmind that the starter plants themselves can be the source of pests and disease. The mulch cover should help to keep pests to a minimum. Remember toplace a plant saucer under the overflow hole to keep messes to a minimum. Our user forum has threads discussing growing indoors. It could be a goodresource for you. You can call the Resource Center at 941-723-2911..

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  2. We are excited to have you at!..

  3. Last year was my first time to plant a vegetable garden, and two EarthBoxes gave us plenty of tomatoes,snowpeas, squash, tomatillos, peppers, and cucumbers. At the end of the squash season I planted basil and it grew to be a nearly 6 foot tall tree!..

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  2. Here are five options for self-watering planters ranging from the upscale to their homemade counterparts you can make yourself. Whether you call themsub-irrigation planters or self-watering planters-the way they function is the same. Water is held in a reservoir and capillary action delivers waterinto the growing medium keeping your planters consistently moist..

  3. The use of capillary action to moisten the soil also cuts back on diseases because you’re adding water directly into the reservoir and not splashingit on the leaves or soil and creating a hospitable environment for powdery mildew..