Posted on August 2, 2016

Equine automatic watering system

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  1. She says the insulated casing keeps the waterer energy-efficient enough that some energy companies have offered rebates for its purchase.“Ritchie automatic waterers often pay for themselves from energy savings alone (over what a corded tank heater uses), as they cost only penniesa day to heat,” she notes..

  2. Take the work out of maintaining your garden in peak condition with our range of ultra time saving watering solutions at Homebase. Once you’ve createdyour perfect outdoor space, perhaps with one of our fabulous gardens on a roll, sit back and take the time to enjoy it, letting our garden wateringsystems do the work..

  3. -It’s also a workout to think about lifting and toting buckets all over the land. ..

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  1. magAmerican Cowboy |Dressage Today| EQUUS| Horse&Rider | Practical Horseman|Spin-to-Win Rodeo|EquiManagement|The TrailRider..

  2. Never accept a waterer that spurts water so quickly and with such force that it spooks the horse. Ask to play with the waterer before you buy it, orget permission to visit a barn that has that brand installed, so you can get some hands-on experience with it..

  3. Urine collection begins in late fall and runs through late winter, so the mares are stabled during the winter months when the temperature often dropsto minus 40 degrees outside the barns..

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  1. A: Animals can sense water and will learn how to drink from the valve quickly by playing withit. If your animal seems to have difficulty, remove all other water sources, and activate the valve allowing a drop of water to hang from the valve.The animal will discover this and quickly learn that the valve is the source for fresh, clean water..

  2. We have been supplying and installing irrigation systems to indoor and outdoor riding arenas for over 20 years and have assemblied fully automaticwatering kits for the most popular sizes of riding arenas. ..

  3. The bowls are easy to clean – just place a bucket underneath, unscrew the plug (mounted underneath the waterer so that horses can’t loosenit) and swish your hand around the inside. While any dirty water is draining through the bottom of the waterer into the bucket, fresh cool water ispouring in. It’s a really cost effective automatic waterer for both stalls and pastures. A dovetail fitting is included to mount on a stallwall, on fencing, in your pasture, or anywhere in the field you can run a water line. Optional heaters are available for colder climates..