Posted on July 10, 2016

Automatic watering balcony

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  1. Plantpal watering globes are a quick and easy solution to keep your plants wateredfor up to 2 weeks. Fill the globe and insert in the soil. Theplant takes what itwants using a patented valve to control the release of water according to its requirements..

  2. Filled with soil they’ll sit in the water of the reservoir and wick the water upinto the main part of the container.  The number of ‘feet’ you need in each container depends on its surface area. Garden Rooftops saythat the surface area of the feet should be 5 – 15% of the surface area of the container. More than than this and your soil may get waterlogged, less and it may dry out. For these 60cm x 60cm containers, I calculated that four 110cm diameter feet would be about right..

  3. No matter how much water we gave plants, they didn’t do well.Pulling a plant out of a dark pot I found that the roots were literally beingsteamed!..

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  1. Stability in high winds: While the weight of cement has an advantage here, proper design can greatly increase stability.Many planters and pots are notappropriate for outdoor use because the bases are smaller than the top and the surface of the soil may be so high that they are top heavy. If they areblown over, many may break or worse. In many locations, wind can routinely be in excess of 20 mph and may well exceed 70 in gusts.You need toconsider:If my planter is blown over will it blow off my roof or balcony?..

  2. ·They are aesthetically pleasing, but not trendy, so that you can enjoy them for a long period of time;..

  3. The yellow led on the left flashes will flash after every 15 seconds. Then it will flash quickly for a number of times indicating the number ofminutes the pump will be active. For example: two flashes indicate that the current set value for the irrigation durance is 2 minutes. The two buttonsallow you to either increase or decrease the number of minutes to irrigate, wait for the flash while pressing the button. Testing the unit and settingthe watering timePressing both buttons and waiting for the time of the flash will reset the time of irrigation to the current time, and test the motorfor the number of minutes that have been set. That is all!..

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  1. Plantpal for outdoor plants offers a cheap and effective way of keeping all yourindoor plants watered when going away on holiday.  Itprevents over and under wateringwhilst encouraging healthy growth all year round. This was voted Best Buy by GardenNewswhen compared withother self watering products. Available for window boxes and plantersranging from 20 cm to 40 cm height..

  2. This is a common problem for drip systems that are NOT attached to an automatic tap. Because the pump is not really thatpowerful, there can only be so much pressure in the system, and the drip heads should be opened quite a bit. As a result the water may keep drippingeven when the pump is no longer powered: when at least one of the drip heads is below the water surface in the bucket, the drip is controlled by theflow of the water still in the tubes, as opposed of being controlled by pressure. This is the effect of "communicating vessels" that you mayor may not remember from physics class. The water tries to be at the same level in both vessels, except that there IS no second vessel - just thegarden..

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