Posted on July 15, 2016

Automatic sprinkler model 39

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  1. Dry pipe automatic fire protection sprinkler systems are typically employed for the purpose of providing automatic sprinkler protection in unheatedoccupancies and structures that may be exposed to freezing temperatures. The dry pipe sprinkler system is connected to a public or private water mainproviding a reliable supply of water, and typically includes an indicating type of water flow valve, e.g. a water gong or other alarm flow valve, afire department connection and a dry pipe valve. The dry pipe system is used primarily in unheated warehouses and the like where water-filled pipescannot be used, so the dry pipe valve must be protected against freezing by locating it in a heated portion of the structure, e.g. in the warehouseoffice or in a heated enclosure provided for the purpose, to protect the dry pipe valve from freezing..

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  3. Give us acall.In the event that multiple partsneed to be replaced, purchase a Repair Kit which can include pieces like the diaphragm assembly,filter,diaphragm spring, and bonnet screws. We make finding valve repair parts easy!..

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  1. The Smith structure is complicated to assemble, has fluctuations in the system, does not have any response toexcessive temperatures, and lacks the molded valve of applicant..

  2. Referring again to FIG. 2, as the clapper 34 moves from its closed position towards its open position, e.g. upon reduction of air pressure in theair-side chamber 24 due to opening of one or more sprinkler heads in response to a fire condition, pivot arm 50 associated with latch assembly 52 isdeflected upward by the clapper 34, allowing the clapper to pass. The pivot arm 50 then rotates back toward its initial position (e.g., under force ofgravity) to engage with the underside of the clapper assembly 56 (i.e., clapper 34 and retaining plate 39, with diaphragm 38 secured therebetween) tohold the valve open for flow of water into the system of fire sprinkler piping, e.g. as shown in FIG. 2)..

  3. In closed position of the clapper 34, the surface 41 of air valve seal 40 sealingly engages upon the air valve seat 30, and the surface43 of water valve seal 42 engages sealingly upon the water valve seat 32, both in a water-tight manner, to resist leakage of water from the water-sidechamber 22 toward the air-side chamber 24..

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  1. The setback of the pivot,C, from the air valve seat 30 is also reduced. This arrangement provides a mechanical advantage to the system (air) pressure due to the non-concentriclocations of the dry system seat 30 and the water supply seat 32, and the resulting force from the hinge connection of the seating body 28 and clapperassembly 56 helping to hold the clapper 34 and clapper diaphragm 38 in sealing engagement against the seats. As a result of this construction, withthe water valve seat 32 off-center from the air valve seat 30, the differential of system water pressure to system air pressure at which the dry pipevalve 10 of the invention operates (i.e., opens) can be maintained within the industry standard of 5.5 (+/−0.3) with a dry pipe valve having asignificantly smaller clapper and valve, as compared to prior art differential-type dry pipe valves of corresponding specification, e.g. weightreduction of up to 50% has been achieved in dry pipe valves 10 of the invention..

  2. Purpose and scope:1 always used for the irrigation work of flowers,vegetables and fruit trees..

  3. The result is a differential-type dry pipe valve for a fire protection sprinkler system of advantageous construction in which the ratio of effectiveair sealing area to service water sealing area is smaller than the ratio of service water pressure to system air pressure at which the fire protectionsprinkler system is actuated..