Posted on July 23, 2016

Automatic sprinkler manifold

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  1. Make sure you know where all gas lines, power lines and cable TV lines are before you start to dig. Be sure to call your utility companies ifyou need help..

  2. In order to purchase the right components, you'll also have to determine your own specific:..

  3. Then, use a5-gal. bucket to measure how much water the system delivers per minute. Send this information to the sprinkler manufacturer you have chosen, alongwith a scale drawing of your property..

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  1. If a valve is present open it to allow all water to drain..

  2. Use low-voltage insulated cable approved for burial (usually AWG-14 or -18) to connect the timer to the control valves. You will need multi-strandwire with enough wires for each valve plus one more to connect the valves to the timer. (So, if you have three valves, you’ll need four-strand wire.)..

  3. Flushing the valve a couple of times in this mannerwill often remove debris that can cause the valve to leak like this. 3)Makesure your bleeder screw and solenoid are closed finger tight (closed clockwise)..

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  1. d.After hooking up, close all the control valves on  your manifold and open the master valve. Check ..

  2. To start this process, measure your water pressure at an outdoor faucet with a simple pressure gauge available at home centers (Step 1)..

  3. Whether you have a simple sprinkler system or a complex one with five or more circuits, each circuit must be controlled by its own sprinkler controlvalve. Arrange your system so that each circuit controls a specific portion of your yard. For example, one may be used to control an array ofmicro-sprinklers or drip emitters for a flowerbed and containers..