Posted on July 20, 2016

automatic micro watering system

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  1. WOW Automatic Drip Irrigation is the secret to bold, beautiful blooms.  We usea battery operated digital timer to control a timed, drip system to automatically water your windowboxes and outdoor containers. The WOW Planting Teamcustomizes each system to provide water at varied hours, 4 times per day with a maximum of 15 minutes per interval. Micro drip emitters are used tosaturate soil completely and will not spray or leak on windows or other outdoor elements.  WOW’s Automatic Drip Irrigation System is alsoenergy efficient by controlling water usage with a pre-set timer. We beautify properties and the environment!..

  2. The RWS promotes tree and shrub investment protection, watering efficiency and landscape aesthetics through deep root growth and tree development..

  3. RWS-B-C-1401:  Root Watering System with 36” (91,4 cm) tube, 0.25 gpm (0,95 l/m) bubbler & check valve on riser, 4” (10,2 cm) grate, versatileswing assembly with 1/2” (15/21) M NPT inlet..

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  1. Browse Alphabetically: Global Expo | Onetouch | Showroom | Country Search | Manufacturers | Suppliers | Promotion | Wholesaler | Affiliate..

  2.  RWS Tech Specs RWS Brochure RWS Installation Instructions RWSInstallation Tips..

  3. Want to know more about how automatic sprinkler systems work?..

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  1. Permanent irrigation of square and rectangular areas..

  2. Hozelock Timers let you automatically set your system to water your plants when you want and for the duration you want..

  3. Frequency can be set between 6 hours and 7 days whilst duration can last from 1 to 180 minutes to ensure your garden is properly watered.  There isalso a manual function by turning the dial to ‘on’ which provides water up to 60 mintues before automatically switching off..