Posted on July 11, 2016

automatic sprinkler leaking

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  1. Because the heat sensing elements present in the automatic sprinklers have been removed (resulting in open sprinklers), the deluge valve must beopened as signaled by a fire alarm system. The type of fire alarm initiating device is selected mainly based on the hazard (e.g. smoke detectors, heatdetectors, or optical flame detectors)..

  2. Originally developed as a way to add water protection to an older home with a history of freezing and bursting pipes, Water Hero is also turning outto be a potential water conservation tool, allowing for real-time water usage monitoring, analytics for comparing water usage over time (day-to-day,month-to-month), checking the actual water usage of appliances (vs. their ratings)..

  3. Each closed-head sprinkler is held closed by either a heat-sensitive glass bulb or a two-part metal link held together with fusible alloy. The glassbulb or link applies pressure to a pipe cap which acts as a plug which prevents water from flowing until the ambient temperature around the sprinklerreaches the design activation temperature of the individual sprinkler head. In a standard wet-pipe sprinkler system, each sprinkler activatesindependently when the predetermined heat level is reached. Thus, only sprinklers near the fire will operate, normally just one or two. This maximizeswater pressure over the point of fire origin, and minimizes water damage to the building.[16]..

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  1. Automatic Sprinkler ValvesMost commonly used automatic valves are composite plastic. Brass valves are mostly used for industrial and largecommercial and projects.Automatic sprinkler valves are used to control the flow of water through your irrigation system..

  2. To detect a leak in your irrigation system, you must shut down all water use inside your home and be fairly certain that there is no leakage occurringindoors.Once you have done this, you can use your water meter to see if any water continues to flow into your system.To do this, follow theinstructions detailed in the water meter page..

  3. In Norway as of July 2010, all new housing of more than two storeys, all new hotels, care homes and hospitals must be sprinklered. Other Nordiccountries require or soon will require[citation needed] sprinklers in new care homes, and in Finland as of 2010 a third of care homes were retrofittedwith sprinklers. A fire in an illegal immigrant detention center at Schiphol airport in The Netherlands on 27 October 2005 killed 11 detainees and ledto the retrofitting of sprinklers in all similarly designed prisons in The Netherlands. A fire at Düsseldorf Airport on 11 April 1996 which killed 17people led to sprinklers being retrofitted in all major German airports. Most European countries also require sprinklers in shopping centers, in largewarehouses and in high-rise buildings.[citation needed]..

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  1. Indications of leakage include overgrown or particularly green areas of turf, soggy areas around spray heads and aboveground hoses, jammed sprayheads, and torn hoses.In drip systems, leakage problems may be the result of tubing or tape that have been damaged by foot traffic of gnawing andchewing animals..

  2. The pressure loss through the emergency shut-off valve is not significant enough to worry with. We will ignore it. The emergency shut-off valve shouldbe the same size as the pipe it is installed on. If a smaller size shut-off valve is used then you do need to worry about losing pressure through thevalve. Probably about 2 PSI would be a safe assumption of the pressure loss..

  3. This occurs when the sprinkler system is installed on a sloped area.The slope does not need to be very high, a change ofelevation of less than a foot will often create low head drainage. After the sprinklers are turned off, the water in the pipes drains out through thelowest sprinkler heads and is replaced with air.The easiest way to tell if you have low head drainage is to watch the sprinklers when you turn themon.If they spit and spew lots of air when the valve is turned on, then you have a low head drainage problem.Obviously the water that drains out ofthe pipes is wasted.The spewing and spitting of air every time you turn on the sprinklers also puts a lot of stress on the pipe and sprinklers..