Posted on July 10, 2016

automatic watering lawn

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  1. “When we say water a half-inch or a quarter-inch, then the next question is how long do I set my system?..

  2. Valve 18 is interstitially located between high pressure water communication means 27A and controlled pressure water communication means 27B tocontrol the discharge pressure of nozzle 19 while maintaining high pressure control water to needle valve 47 with its inlet positioned to communicatewith high pressure water communication means 27A, and its discharge communicating with hydraulic passage 36..

  3. Answer: Plants get thirstier in summer than during spring and fall, so program your irrigation timer accordingly, rather than always keeping theirrigation timer on the same setting. This will promote water conservation, as will watering at the right time of day and overriding irrigation timerswith rain sensors.The time of day when you irrigate is a factor in water conservation. If you program irrigation timers to go on early in the morning,you’ll lose less water to evaporation than if you were to irrigate in the heat of the day.For optimal water conservation, it will be necessary tooverride the irrigation timer of your automatic system if your area receives heavy rains the night before your system is programmed to run. You’d onlybe pushing up your water bill unnecessarily. If you’d rather not have to bother overriding your system manually in such cases, install a rain sensoron your roof. Rain sensors can be tied into automatic systems, shutting them off for you after a period of rain..

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  1. But for some people, a sprinkler system is worth it..

  2. Christian Muller, a physician, said that two years ago, he bought a distressed house on a 11 / 2-acre lot in Oakton based partly on its having anautomatic sprinkler..

  3. Tips for watering gardensPersonalize your drip system. “In beds with selective shrub plantings, a drip irrigation system gives you the flexibility totailor your watering system to the needs of each individual plant,” says Villaescusa. “There are fixed emitters available which let out one, two, orfive gallons per hour, so you can give each plant just the right amount of water. There are even popup sprinkler heads which attach to a dripirrigation system, in case you have small areas of annuals or seedlings which are more water-intensive.”..

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  1. When there isn’t enough rain to meet the need, watering grass care is the answer. Soil dries out from thesurface downward. By watering deeply, you encourage deeper rooting of the lawn. Water each area long enough to saturate the soil to a depth of6” (that’s about 1” of water per area per week)..

  2. - "OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) Plus is an extension board for Raspberry Pi (RPi) 1 Model A+ / B+ or RPi 2 (does not work with RPi 1 Model A or B)..

  3. Tips on how to tell the difference between a good quality spray-type sprinkler and a poor quality lawn irrigation sprinkler. Guide to sprinkler headselection for watering small areas..