Posted on July 7, 2016

automatic lawn watering system

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  1. Weather sensors connect to irrigation controllers, and are designed to make irrigation systems react to local weather conditions. Simple rain sensors,such as the Rain-Clik, prevent watering from occurring during rain events. More advanced sensors, like Hunter's Solar Sync, gather daily local weatherdata and work with your controller to calculate the optimum watering schedule based upon the current weather conditions..

  2. In the circuit shown in FIG. 2, this results in about 0.3 volt drop in the reference (pin 9) versus about 0.2 volt in the sensorinput (pin 13)..

  3. Watering at installation: Water your lawn within half an hour of installation. Ideally, watering should begin as soon as an area large enough to putdown a sprinkler is ready.It is vital that enough water is put down the first time to thoroughly soak the sod and the soil under the sod. You cancheck the moisture content by lifting a flap of the sod and sticking your finger into the soil.It should be moist 30-50mm deep. By giving the sod aheavy first watering you will rid the area of any air pockets, which dry out.It is vital your lawn is kept moist enough to survive hot, dry andwindy conditions. In cool weather this may mean watering only every 3 or 4 days. In very hot weather you may have to water 3 times a day. Do not allowthe sod or soil underneath to dry out between waterings. Pay special attention to the corners and edges of newly sodded areas, they tend to dry oursooner and they are hard to water properly. Hand watering of these areas is best during establishment. The lawn must then stay extremely damp for thenext 14 days..

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  1. HunterIrrigation sprinkler Landscape Lighting Lawn Sprinklers Low-VoltageLighting RainBird Lawn Sprinkler Systems Irrigation System..

  2. Sprinklers that are out of sight when not in use?..

  3. An environment sensor 50 is coupled to the common input of the system timer 10..

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  1. All the bother of moving and positioning hoses and sprinklers can now be avoided. An automatic watering system for the garden can be constructed in amodular fashion using an array of supply hoses, connectors and valves controlled by a timer. The hoses are made of tough, UV-resistant plastic and canbe punctured wherever water is required using a special tool. In the inevitable event that a hole gets punched in the wrong place, there areconvenient hole plugs. At the ends of the lines are placed sprayers of several designs for covering precise areas. To keep the supply lines in places,there are various stakes and clips..

  2. Counterclockwise rotation of range rotor 11 forces pin 62 and linkages 63 and 64 downward. Linkage 64 lowers without rotation through linkage guides57..

  3. The specific configuration of linkages 31, 18, 28 and 20 plus cam 38 are designed appropriately to control range rate and water discharge rate toproduce uniform water coverage. In like manner, advantage is taken of the fact that as the diameter of the actuator means decreases, the areadecreases by the square of this decrease and consequently, the speed of actuation of the respective actuation means increases by this squared ratio.Thereby, the diameters of actuation means 29 and 33 are reduced to the minimum required for their respective operations, thus maintaining azimuthindexing at a minimum elapsed time..