Posted on July 24, 2016

How to choose children's shoes

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  1. Contact your Coggins specialist or feel free to stop in our Marietta location today for additional information on our selections and pricing!..

  2. You have a neutral arch if your footprint has a distinct curve along the inside and your shoes wear out uniformly. Look for a "stability" shoe, whichhas the right mix of cushioning and support..

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  1. Sign up for email to see our freshest styles and be the first to know about promotions, contests and more..

  2. Unless otherwise stated, shoe sizing listed is the inner measurement for that size..

  3. Правильные детские балетки идеально подходят по размеру: нога не должна выскальзывать из них и, наоборот, размер не должен быть слишком мал. Они недолжны натирать ногу, ведь за репетицию ребенок делает множество движений ногами, да и в перерыв он сидеть не будет!..

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  1. As your baby learns to crawl and walk it is important that they are able to feel the floor beneath them with their feet. Research has shown that thissensory input is central to helping with balance and other physical development, so while at home or indoors it’s preferable that very youngchildren go barefoot or socked whenever possible. A very thin soled, flexible leather shoe is also acceptable if you prefer something with a littlemore protection..

  2. Parents can purchase the soles based on their child's age and activity level. If a kid is very active, then he or she will need stiffer soles. Justmake sure that the shoes are removed as soon as the child is indoors so that the feet have time to be free of the restriction. For inactive children,start looking for stiffer shoes as soon as they are out of the toddler stage..

  3. Children who are pre-school aged or older need more durability in their shoes. Their feet grow less rapidly than toddlers do so you can invest a bitmore in a good pair of shoes. Now is also the time when children become more active. They run and jump with their friends at school and they may evenbegin to play a sport. Choosing the right pair of athletic shoes is very important in avoiding injury. Look for a pair that has a shock-absorbing soleand good support in the arches and heels. Also make sure they try on the shoe you are planning on getting because if they are uncomfortable at thestore it will not get any better during the activity. Don’t assume they will just break their shoes in later..