Posted on July 29, 2016

how to choose shoe cream

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  1. You will need: two good-quality brushes(horse hair, preferably, one stiffer for applying polish, one softer for buffing), a tin of wax polish, a duster, a toothpick (but only if you'refeeling really perfectionistic)..

  2. If your shoes are in really bad shape look into a complete refurbishing by the original manufacturer. Most provide this service. You may have to sendin your shoes to the factory, but you’ll get back a pair of shoes that look almost new. Now that you have a beautifully pair of shined shoesyou’re ready to go out on the town and really make a great first impression. After that it’s all up to you..

  3. Wooden Shoe Cabinet With Full Mirror In Canadian Oak..

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  1. The Cordovan leather is obtained from horses imported from Cordoba in the United States and crossed with wild horses of the Dakota. Only the 20 to 22dm2 of the back are used (the "shells")..

  2. The solvent provides excellent cleaning properties and the waxes guarantee effective protection and an unrivalled shine..

  3. Saphir Greasy Leather Cream is available in three colors: neutral, brown, and black. The brown polish contains a light pigment that will not "recolor"shoes but rather just fill in the finish; therefore, it is not necessary to achieve a "perfect match" with the brown Saphir Greasy Leather Cream likeit would be a cream polish for a pair of calfskin dress shoes..

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  1. Use a damp soft cloth for cleaning shell cordovan shoes..

  2. Nubuck – (brushed leather similar to suede, but with a finer nap) treat the shoes with water repellent, use rubber-bristle brush (not nylon) or asuede bar. Use the bar damp to clean and condition, and use the brush to lift the nap..

  3. Exotic skins can be treated like calfskin, or with special conditioners that keep the leather from cracking. Take extra care when brushing to preventscratching the surface..