Posted on July 16, 2016

How to choose shoes for suit

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  1. Classic double-breasted jackets are made with two to six buttons and should be worn with no less than two vents. Suit jacket pockets come with orwithout flaps. Pockets without flaps are also called “jetted”..

  2. Luckily, it's not very hard to figure out what goes with what,when there so many resources available for the suit-wearing guy.Especially withthis handy cheat-sheet infographic from ourfriends at Brazilianmenswear site Moda Para Homens. We translated it from their nativePortuguese into English..

  3. You have to know what a fast suit is made of. Most often "fast" suits are made more of Lycra and less of Nylon. This combination makes themless comfortable against your skin, but provides more speed in the water. It also means that the suit is not going to stretch as much when you put iton. It is also important to understand seaming and how it affects the suit. Some seams are stitched while others are bonded (glued)..

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  1. Invest in your dress shoes and they’ll see you through things like: your wedding, job interviews, dinner with the in-laws and special occasions whereonly a suit will do. Just make sure you return the favor by using shoe-trees and keeping them clean and shined..

  2. Here’s where we get to our first firm “no” on the list: don’tpair charcoal suits with brown shoes..

  3. Avoid three button, vent less jackets as they shorten the torso. Jetted pockets without flaps will give the shorter man a clean silhouette and willadd to his height. Look for jackets in a size short..

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  1. The chart at the top is built around the most common colors ofsuit and leather dress shoes..

  2. When thinking of the best dress shoes for suits, as a general rule, your shoes should be as dark, if not darker than your suit. If you’re wearing ablack suit there is only one choice: black shoes. As the tone of your suit gets lighter, so can your shoes. ..

  3. Tall men should avoid one or two button jackets unless wearing a vest to minimize their long torso and should opt for jackets with one or two vents.Jacket pockets with flaps will create a horizontal line and will help minimize height. Look for jackets in size long..