Posted on July 30, 2016

How to choose badminton shoes

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  1. Badminton set is available for recreational play because it is cheaper. Usually the set includes two badminton rackets, and a shuttlecock. It issuitable for people that just want to play for fun and never want to play it competitively..

  2. Badminton Shoes are the protection for your feet when you move around on court, hence it is essential you pick the best pair for your badminton game..

  3. You’ll also notice that badminton shoes tend to be a slightly different shape to other sports footwear, this is to give the foot the support andmovement it needs to safely stop, turn and start at speed. Accordingly you need decent support for the ankles and all those sudden lateral moves..

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  1. Gentlemen, it's time to step up your style game with our incredible range of badminton shoes online. If your chosen sportis indoor badminton,then choose a pair of black badminton shoes that will provide you with comfort and grip on the badmintoncourt. Team your funky 'Superman' printT-shirt with a pair of blue athletic shorts to look smart and sporty. Splash on acitrus cologne and hit the courts in style. You could choose atrendy pair of yellow badminton shoes with black accents towear to the local school where you coach badminton. Complete the look with your blackT-shirt, neon yellow shorts, slickedback hair, and black sports watch. Before an important match, up your style quotient with a pair of sleekbadminton shoes.You can finish off the ensemble with neon yellow wristband, and a funky red gypsy-print bandana to echo the style of yourfavourite player..

  2. I’m sure some will be thinking you have more money than sense!..

  3. Let’s give you a quick example here. You’ve decided that you want more power in your overhead and thereforeare now seeking a head heavy racquet. This will result in a reduction in your immediate capability in defence and around the net area as the racquethead will move slower than your current model. However, this can be improved simply by doing my armchair exercises..

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  1. • Speed is key to anyone whose game involves fast net shots..

  2. Movement is back to normal again, although each push is harsher, the result is more confidence and stability, and that turned into faster response,acceleration and speed. I was more relaxed and didn’t have any issue pushing off harder as I know the shoes are designed for fast lateral movement andthe risk of my rolling and straining my ankles are minimized..

  3. The grip size is denoted by “G”; Bigger number means smaller handlesize. Just choose according to your hand size, not too big and not toosmall..